How to Hide IP Address when Downloading Files

Today keeping our IP address concealed from others is a necessity. So, if you wish to hide it when downloading content from the internet then here are the ways you can follow to accomplish it. There are privacy guides and tools to make the job easy for you. Many people do not care to hide their IP addresses. But it is important to conceal it from prying eyes because you can keep your details secure. You can also be free to visit many sites and also download files without any worries. Continue reading to know more.

Why conceal your IP address?

An IP address when seen through a simple eye can look like a series of numbers. But this is the information the internet collects to know who you are. It is like your internet identity. A person can also know your location with the IP address. Every website you visit and all the files you download can get read by your internet provider if they want to. So, it is visible to people who can get the information regarding your IP address.

Furthermore, if you hide your IP address you can visit the blocked sites easily. Some sites may be only accessed from particular countries so if you hide your IP address you are hiding your location too. This makes it easy for you to visit many websites.

How can you conceal your IP address?

1. Tor

There is an onion Router called (Tor) that will offer you the best way to conceal your IP address. This is also available for free so you need not spend money. First of all, you have to download, install and configure Tor from its browser. Then connect with the Tor and it will be ready for use.

Tor works based on the worldwide network of servers termed relays nodes and they are run by volunteers. The data from your device will bounce on these nodes and will make its way to a destination. The final destination will be your device.

No one will be able to trace you if the data bounces to the nodes. The data will be encrypted therefore nobody can read the information that belongs to you. You can use Tor to access the geo-blocked contents.

2. VPN


Using VPN is the best way to hide your IP address. Many people use VPNs to access sites belonging to other countries. Nobody will be able to know who you are if you are using VPN. 

You have to select a good VPN provider. Then you have to download a copy of the client software. After that, you have to install the software and connect it to the internet provider’s VPN servers. This process will be easy.

After connecting the server, you have to act as the middle man between your device and the internet. If the data passes on the internet the server will remove the IP address and VPN will take its place. Then when the data gets back the server will again place the IP address back. So, the websites you are visiting will only communicate with the VPN and not with your IP address. Also, none will be able to trace your IP address because they will not find it.

The VPN will be able to guard your privacy even from sites out of your country. But sometimes the connection speed can drop if you are using VPN. This is because the information travels to distant areas. However, this is negligible because you can access many sites easily with a VPN.

3. Proxy

Another great way to conceal your IP address is to use a proxy. They will be easy to set up as you can make one inside your browser. You need an IP address of a proxy server that will act for you. Then it will work similarly to a VPN. Everything you do on the internet will happen through it. So, no one will get to know your actual IP address. You can choose the location of the proxy according to your needs. For instance, if you want to access the sites containing British shows then you need an IP address from UK. You can find many free proxies online that helps you create a proxy to access the internet freely.

4. Public Wi-Fi

Public WifiPublic Wifi

If you do not want others to know your IP address then you can use the public Wi-Fi. You can take your device to the places like cafeterias or libraries to access the Wi-Fi available there. This means that you will be using a different IP address than what you use in your home. But this method does not always ensure security because the person closest to you can hack your connection.


These are the ways you can follow to conceal your IP address. You can keep your personal details safe and secure.


Q. Can you really hide your IP address?

A. Yes, using VPN or Proxy Server, you can hide the your real IP address and mask it.

Q. Is it important to hide IP address?

A. If you want to access or browse or download thinks which you wish not to be track, it is important and you can use any IP address hide trick.

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