How to Melt Stubborn Thigh Fat with Medical and Natural Methods

However, there is nothing bad about having fat on the thighs, but when it becomes extra it might be a little tough to get rid of it. However, you are fortunate enough that you are having a number of ways through which you can lose thigh fat.

The first recommendation you might get from any fitness trainer or expert is that you should exercise and have a healthy diet and lifestyle. But for people are who fat, overweight or obese it is not always that easy to follow such regime.

In such cases treatment like thigh sculpting, surgical procedure or body contouring are more effective and impactful. But let us tell you that these methods are not only expensive but also very risky.

If you are going to follow the methods that we are about to mention. It is going to be a medical and natural mix process which you can do at home at no cost. As compared to other methods which requires surgery and expenses.

However, make sure that you consult the doctor before you apply any method and also tell your doctor about your preferences or choices.

1. Exercise

Exercises to burn fatExercises to burn fat

Being physically active will benefit you in numbers of ways you can imagine. It can make you live longer, stronger and prevent you from chronic disease. Yes, it is true that being consistent to a workout program can help you melt stubborn thigh fat, but in some cases. it may not be sufficient to lose that extra fat on your thighs.

There is one ACE certified fitness trainer named Jessica Osborne who is also a Radio City Rockette. She uses her background as a dancer to help her clients get the sculpting legs, longer and leaner legs. According to her it is impossible to cut the fat from a particular area, as exercising cuts the fats from the entire body and not just from a single area.

Nutrition or Healthy Plan

You can also go for a healthy diet plan to melt that stubborn thigh fat. While exercising will help you to burn the calories, following a healthy diet plan will help you cut the fat if you follow it with a good workout. Both go hand in hand.

natural foodnatural food

Osborne says “Cut the sugar, drink your water lessen the intake of alcohol and do some physical activity every day.” if you follow these keys, you will get those leaner legs.

2. Medical Treatment

You can get a few sculpting treatments that are available as an alternate for the surgery. These methods of treatments are performed by professionals in clinics and they might use cooling methods, laser methods, or ultrasound to reduce the fat. Some of them includes:


it is a light-based method for body contouring which is cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration by US). Sculpsure methods may take 23-25 mins. You will be feeling tingles during the procedure some may also experience bruising on the treated area.


this is also FDA cleared procedure. This method applies suction with controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells. Each treatment will take 60 mins or lesser. The patient might feel a discomfort because of the suction applicator and from intense cooling.


it is a cold laser method approved and tested by FDA again. This device treats the combination or areas such as hips and waist and thighs with lower level of the laser treatment. This is a painless procedure which created pores in the cells for fat to leak out. According to the Zerona website the treatment costs around $1,000 to $1,400 for 6 treatment packages.


Hope this article helps you in getting to know about the methods and treatment to melt stubborn thigh fat. However as per our suggestion if you are not confident about your shape, then eat healthily and work out, and please be consistent. You will not get any result if you continue it for a week and then sit back to your normal daily unhealthy plans. Select the clothes that would complement your shape and size or your body type. Or if you really want to go under treatment then choose an expert who should be a certified one. Hence, always consult your doctor before going to any treatment or any diet plan or workout plan, as he would suggest you the better according to your choices and the things that suit your body type.

Thank you for reading, and do not forget to share it with your friends who have been looking to burn the fat, it will help them. Share it with your family members and encourage them to live a healthier and longer life, and live confidently. First treat it with a healthy lifestyle and start with a good workout program still if it does not then only consider going under the surgery or treatment.

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