How to Set up Apple HomePod: Complete Guide

Music is a lifesaver. Have you felt mesmerised after hearing the music you love? That is why we use excellent devices to make our music hearing experiences perfect. Today there are lots of such devices that give us a fantastic time. One of the popular devices we are going to talk about today is HomePod from Apple. It is an Apple smart speaker introduced in 2018. Also, it is one of the top competitors in the market with features like HomePod Bluetooth or Siri speaker. This is because Apple HomePod has a high-end audio system. Here you will learn how to set up Apple HomePod? Then you can experience its best features and listen to your favourite music.

What do you require for the Apple HomePod setup?

You may need the following things to set up the Apple HomePod.

  • Firstly, you need an updated iOS version in your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

  • Sign in to your iCloud.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth.

  • Check if your Wi-Fi connection is stable or not.

  • Install all the home and music apps.

Steps to Set up Apple HomePod

You have to check if the iPhone is running in the iOS updated version before setting up the HomePod. Then you also have to sign in with iCloud. Moreover, connect the phone to the Wi-Fi network and install the home app.

Configure the Apple smart speaker

  • To maximise the Apple Home Pod’s 360-degree amps experience, you have to place it in the middle of the room.

  • Then plug the Apple HomePod into the available outlet.

  • A light will switch on, and you will hear a sound.

  • After that, unlock your phone, and you will find a notification from HomePod.

  • Click set up option

  • Give the name of the room where you have placed the HomePod.

  • You can select the option Enable Personal Requests, through which you can send messages, make notes, and create reminders. The people in your home will be able to access these features too. 

  • Tick Agree to all the terms and conditions.

  • Then transfer the settings for the device to sync.

  • After that, enter the password you have set for your Apple ID.

  • In the Apple Siri speaker option, you can give the commands.

Set up HomePod with Bluetooth

If you are using Wi-Fi to set up Apple HomePod, there is another way to set it up. You can also use Bluetooth to set up the speaker. Follow the steps below to do it.

  • Go to the home app on your iPhone.

  • Press the house icon.

  • Then in the Allow speaker access, you have to choose Everyone.

  • You can open music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music. Then select the song you prefer. Then tap the Airplay icon for playing the song in your Apple HomePod.

Use HomePod with Voice

How to use HomePod with Voice? Many users have this question when they are using the HomePod. The device can do it with the feature of the Apple Siri speaker. It can identify your voice and receive it to follow the commands. Furthermore, it can also recognise the voice of all the people in your home. So, it can adjust to the preferences of everyone. This feature is available in iOS 13, so follow the steps below to enable it.

  • Go to the Home app.

  • Click “Hey Siri” to set up.

  • Ask Siri a few questions when you get the prompt.

  • Tap enable personal requests.

  • Reset the Apple HomePod

If you see the Siri speaker not working properly or are not responding, you can reset it. Follow the steps below to reset the settings in HomePod.

  • Firstly, you have to open the HomePod Bluetooth speaker.

  • Then connect it back.

  • Click and hold the HomePod’s top panel until a blinking light comes. Then you will hear a reset sound and after that, let it go.

  • Reset using iPhone

  • Firstly, open the Home app.

  • Click and hold the HomePod icon.

  • Then go to settings.

  • Press the Remove accessory.

  • Lastly, click Remove to confirm.

Set up Apple HomePod - frizztechSet up Apple HomePod - frizztech

Modify the HomePod settings

Sometimes you may prefer to change the settings. So here are the steps that will allow you to modify the settings in the HomePod. For instance, you can select the room, modify the alarms, and turn off Siri and more.

  • Go to the Home app.

  • Press and hold the HomePod.

  • Choose the settings in the menu.

  • Select any category you would prefer to make the needed changes.

  • Use HomePod to manage connected devices.

One of the best things about the HomePod is that it can control other smart devices you use in your home. Make use of the available features in HomePod to turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat. But the other devices in your home have to be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform.


You can set up the Apple HomePod by using the steps above. Then you can make your life fantastic by listening to the music of your choice in high quality.

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