How to Take Screenshots in Chrome and Firefox’s Incognito Tabs on Android

For private reasons the Firefox, Chrome incognito tabs do not let you take the screenshot on Android devices. No doubt these two browsers will surely help you in raising the restriction if you wish to. Let us see how to activate and off the choice to take screenshots in the tab of these browsers. In this article, we will be learning about the screenshots in Chrome and Firefox’s incognito tabs on android.

Take a screenshot in the Incognito tab

The aim of the incognito tabs is to maintain the privacy of the searching period. In case you will be able to take the screenshot of the incognito tab, then there will be no use to have an incognito to use it for your privacy. However, there are times when you will not be wanting these lashes to be there even in incognito tabs, in order to keep things handy.

How to take a screenshot in the incognito tab using chrome browser in Android

In chrome browser the option to take a screenshot is not in the settings but it is in the target menu flag. The flag menu has all the essential or experimental features. Therefore, the one you will be using is also an experimental feature. However, that does not mean that it will clash or it will not work. Insofar experiences it has worked out.

  • You when you start the Chrome browser tap on the address bar and type the following text

  • “chrome :// flags” and then press enter.

  • Now tap on the search option at the top and enter “Private browsing screenshot” (without quotes).

  • Then here you will be able to see the “Private browsing screenshot” option in the search results. Now simply tap on the drop-down menu under the option and choose the “On” option from it.

  • Simply now you will have to relaunch the chrome in order to apply the changes. Press “Relaunch” from the lower right corner of the screen to close and then reopen the chrome browser.

  • Therefore, chrome will no longer stop you from taking the screenshots in your private browsing data.

How to capture screenshots in the incognito or private tabs in Firefox browser

Unlike chrome Firefox browser will provide you with the option in the normal settings on the screen only.

  • To activate this option firstly you will need to open the Firefox browser on your android device.

  • When Firefox is opened, tap on the menu. (the three dots), you will see it in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you will have to select “Settings.”

  • Select “Private Browsing” by scrolling down the settings.

  • You will then be Activating the option by Allowing private browsing screenshots. “

  • You are all set and now you are able to take a screenshot in the private tabs of the Firefox browser.

However, if you would like to remove this feature then turn off the “Allowing private browsing screenshots”. In the menu that you see.

Since, taking screenshots on the android was anyways easy, but now you can take screenshots by touching the back of your device. However, if you want to capture multiple screenshots then this will be a handy tip for you.


We hope that applying these methods will let you take the screenshot of your choice on both Firefox as well as on Chrome. However, make sure that you follow the steps carefully and you know the options from which you will have to activate or start the options to activate the screenshot option on the incognito or the private browser.  Additionally, privacy is for everyone, so in case you feel like you need to prevent yourself from clicking the screenshot then you can do so by deactivating the options from the settings that we showed you above. If you like are blogs which told about the screenshots in Chrome and Firefox incognito tabs on Android.

We are sure that we have resolved your issue regarding the screenshot by taking care of your privacy for which you would be using the private tabs. Remember if this helped you and resolved your problem then make sure that you will be sharing this article with your family or pals who might also be looking for the help, guidance or solution for the same issue. Share it and also let us know how it helped you. Thank You!

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