How to Use Parental Controls on your child’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

As iPhone and iPad have become very handy in the hands of the kids hence it has become more critical to put a parental lock on the devices. In this article we will learn methods to learn how to put parental lock as well as block certain contents, setting a limit, and also preventing expensive in-app purchases. Therefore, Apple has come up with a way to give parents a little peace of mind by giving them the parental lock provision. However, most of the parental control comes under Screen Time which is a handy tool that will allow parents to restrict certain things and also letting the child use other functions, like calling and texting.

There are many ways by which you can access the settings on Screen Time. Which will give you access to a bundle of parental controls and reports. However, in this article, we will tell you the main ways so that you can start getting everything set up.

So, the first method is launching Screen Time directly on your child’s phone or device. This is a quick method to put parental control on your child’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

How to Switch on Screen Time on Your Child’s device?

  • Open Settings on your child’s device or phone.

  • Tap on Screen Time

  • Tap Continue

  • Select This is My child’s device

  • If you wish to set the app limit then you will have to follow the in-app instruction in the Screen Time.

  • Set the unique Screen Time password when you are asked.

How to Turn on Screen Time with Family Sharing

  • Open Family Organization device and then open Settings

  • Select Screen Time

  • Select your Child’s name

  • Tap Turn on Screen Time

  • Again, if you wish to set up app limits you will have to follow the in-app instructions.

  • Set a password when asked

Screen Time lets you set a downtime, which means it will let you select how long your child should be using the phone, or how long would he be spending the time on a particular app. Therefore, it will also let you content and privacy restrictions.

How to turn on the option “Ask to Buy” on your Child’s phone?

  • Be sure that the Family sharing is enabled and the family members are added in the family group.

  • Open Family Organization Device, open settings

  • Tap your name

  • Select Family Sharing

  • Tap your Child’s Name

  • Toggle Ask to Buy option

Parental controls on your Child’s iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch on apple does not stop there. In fact, anyone who hands over the smartphone to a child should be sure that there is no way a child can spend money on buying the app which is in purchase.

However, Apple’s method is clever! The system called Ask to Buy, this option can be enabled on any member’s device under the age of 18. However, it is by default enabled for anyone who is up to 13 years of age.

After this option is enabled, the Ask to Buy option will alert each member with the ping on their phone or device which will flash the app name and the price which you child is wanting to buy. Therefore, from this feature the member can approve or decline the request.


We hope that with the help of this article you will be able to prevent your kid from misusing any feature of the phone given to him or her. These days it is quite impossible for our kids not to be using the mobile phones as when they see you holding the device continuously, they are likely to follow the same.

Hence, kids do what they see their elders doing. In fact, these days their studies have also started online on the phone, so it is mandatory to do something from which we can prevent our kids from falling for anything harmful or which can take a toll on your pockets. Screen Time usage is a good option in order to let your child use certain important features yet at the same time you can also keep an eye on what he or she would be doing on the device you have given to them. Well, we wish you all the best and we hope that this blog on how to use parental controls on your Child’s iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch is helpful for you, make sure you share it with the other parents and your pals too. So that they can be able to prevent their kids also from falling into wrongdoings or expensive apps. Along with setting a time bar so that it does not hinder their sleep or study or outdoor playtimes.

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