How to Use PowerPoint Designer to Create & Present Better Presentation

What is a PowerPoint designer? it is an excellent feature you can find in the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Here you can get to know all the details about this feature. It utilizes artificial intelligence for you to get appealing layouts, images, and designs. If you want to find this feature, it will be available on the screen’s pane right side. Then it will give suggestions about the slides. Do you want to create professional slideshow presentations with a PowerPoint designer? Then read this article to know all the details. It will help you become an excellent designer who can use the PowerPoint Designer on Mac, PC, iPad, Windows, and Android devices.

Why use PowerPoint Designer?

Here are some of the features of PowerPoint Designer that can help you to create excellent slides. If you know about these features, then you can use them effectively.

A. Design schemes

The PowerPoint Designer can offer you lots of design schemes. So, you can use it to create excellent slideshows. There are many options in the design schemes you can choose from. Therefore, your slideshows will look professional and not like a school project.

B. Splendid slide layout

This feature will examine all your slides and will give you some suggestions to make them better. Therefore, you will know what graphics to add and what to remove. For instance, it can change the list of dates in the timeline. Or it can help you make a bulleted list and showcase it in SmartArt.

C. Illustration suggestions

The AI engine in the Designer will offer reviews for the text you have added in the slides. Also, it gives you keyword suggestions. After that, it will analyze the slides and suggest some good illustrations and graphics suitable for your content. Furthermore, it can quickly create a visual theme for you when you click the options. Therefore, you need not do time-consuming research for it.

How can you get the PowerPoint Designer?

Do you know that the PowerPoint Designer is available in the Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app? So, you do not need to download or install it. But you have to be a subscriber of Microsoft 365.

If you are using the edition of Microsoft PowerPoint, then the Designer will not be available for you in the desktop app.

Now you can know how to enable the PowerPoint Designer if you are a subscriber of Microsoft 365.

  • Go to the PowerPoint desktop app and then press File.

  • Then click the Options.

  • Go to the dialogue box of “PowerPoint Options” and check if it is the “General” tab. Here you can find the PowerPoint Designer.

  • In the two checkboxes, you have to mark the tick to enable the feature.

  • After that click OK which will end the Options windows.

  • But if you find that the Design Ideas pane is not opening, then you can click Design. Next, click Design Ideas which will be available in the Design ribbon. After doing this, check if the pane appears or not.

After completing the steps, you can start to use the PowerPoint Designer in the web browser or Online. But you have to create a Microsoft OneDrive account or SharePoint Online account to perform this. Moreover, the Designer is also available in iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphones.

How to utilize PowerPoint Designer on mobile apps and websites?

If you want to use the PowerPoint Designer on your various devices like mac, iPad, Android or tablet, then the procedure is the same. Here is the step you need to follow to use PowerPoint Designer.

  • Go to the Design Ideas pane present on the right side of the screen.

  • Then click Design Ideas which will be available in the Design tab.

  • If you are a first-time user of PowerPoint Designer, then you have to enable it.

  • If you get the request, you have to press “Turn on” or “Let’s go”.

  • After enabling it, you will get all the options on the right side of the pane. If you are using the title side, you can see some suggestions for images and deck styles. You can see suggestions to display the bulleted lists, timelines, and SmartArt in the slide on the deck.

  • You can see through the suggestions and select the ones you prefer.

  • Then press the different suggestion or click CTRL + Z in the keyword to get back the original slide.

Have a good internet connection

You need to have a good internet connection to use PowerPoint effectively. It will only work well if the internet fast. Also, ensure if some others are not editing the deck at the same time as you. This is because the Designer only works well when one person is using it.


These are the ways that will help you to use PowerPoint Designer on your devices. So follow the steps given here and benefit from it.

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