How to use Speechtexter to Convert Voice to Text: Best Tips

Speechtexter is a software platform available to make your life easy. It helps the business people and their employees to convert the speech to text. Many are starting to benefit from this technology and you can too. According to many reviews, Speechtexter is the best converter there is. It has lots of features to make the job easy for you. Here you will learn how to use the Speechtexter. Then you can use this tool in your business and lessen the burden. Also, it is easy to learn so you need to be techy to use it. In just a few uses you can become an expert in it. Continue reading to know more.

What are the features available in Speechtexter?

  • You will be able to make notes, emails, and tweets by using your voice.

  • You will be able to add your commands to add the extras in the transcribed text. For instance “question mark”>”?”, “newline” > (ENTER key)

  • There are more than sixty languages available in the converter such as Afrikaans, Amharic, Armenian, Nepali, Bengali, Malay, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and more. 

  • The speech gets processed at Google’s servers so they have their privacy policy.

How to convert voice to text with Speechtexter?

You need to access the Speechtexter software through the web-based application. One of the benefits of using a web application is that you do not need to get any extra software to use it. Moreover, you can use the Speechtexter with the help of Google Chrome Browser. So if you are not using it download it before accessing the Speechtexter.

1. Use a good microphone

The quality of the audio conversion will only be better if you use a good microphone. So if it is faulty then the audio converted to text will not be satisfactory. The microphone has to receive the audio effectively to convert it into text. So some of the similar-sounding words like “spawn”, “horn”, or “lawn will be difficult for the microphone to catch if it is not good. Therefore your business has to invest in a good quality microphone. Then you can place the microphone in a good position for good clarity. For your information, the best position is to place the microphone directly in front of the speaker’s face.

2. Set the microphone as the default

If you have installed a new microphone then set it as a default recording device. This can vary according to the different operating system. But you can find the controls in the settings in your device. If you are using windows 10 then select the input device by changing the settings. You have to go to Settings > System > Sound. Here you can see both the internal as well as the external microphones.

3. Give Speechtexter the access

After accessing the Speechtexter through desktop or web application you have to permit it to access the microphone. You just need to click allow for it to work.

4. Select the right language

One of the great merits of Speechtexter is that it supports sixty languages. But for some languages, the accuracy is not great. Yet this feature is impressive. You have to input the voice but before doing it you have to choose the language.

5. Start the voice typing

After you have set up the microphone and the input language you can start the voice typing. Begin the process by “start dictating”. After you press the button you will find a text box appearing on the screen and also a voice commands box. Then you have to press the start button and that button will change to stop. After that, a small preview will appear on the screen. This shows that the software is listening to the voice.

You can check by speaking few phrases. They will appear in the text form in a white box. So this is the process of voice typing. At first, it will be hard for you to speak clearly however you will learn to use it effectively with practice.

6. Ensure if the internet connection is good

The speed of the speck recognition accuracy may depend on the internet. So check if the internet connection is good before using the tool. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to use the Speechtexter.

7. Use voice commands

The speech-to-text software will help you to control the converted document with voice commands. So using some inbuilt voice commands you can add punctuations like semicolons, period, hyphens and more.

Furthermore, if you say the phrase new paragraph then the commands will insert a new line break which will permit you to format your document. So you can know about all the commands to use the Speechtexter more effectively.


These are the processes you can follow to use the Speechtexter. You will get the hang of it after few uses.


Q. How does Speechtexter works?

A. Speechtexter listen your voice by using microphone in PCs and cover it into text.

Q. How do I turn on voice typing?

A. Open Speechtexter and go to the setting page, then select the input language and output language that need to convert into text.

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