How to use Spotify Web Player in a Web Browser on Mac

Streaming music while working on the PC is a choice as well as a habit of many music lovers and when it comes to music, Spotify is the one-stop app name that comes first in our mind. Spotify is one of the favorite music streaming app for many music lovers out there. Over the years Spotify has loaded its music library with amazing musical numbers and users loved it. Their app is also very successful for android and iOS users. Spotify web player on Mac for web browser can be used to listen to music.

But what about those who want to stream Spotify on their computers like Windows and Mac? One thing you must not know is that to use it, you don’t need to download an app. As a Spotify user, you can use it straight from your web browser. It also enables the background play system with the web browser as well for a seamless experience.

Web Browsers Compatible with Spotify Web

In case, you are thinking that whether the Spotify web version is compatible with your browser or computer or not, then have a look in the below-working browsers.

Spotify’s Web Player works on the following browsers –

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Edge

  • Opera

Note – So far it doesn’t have compatibility with Safari.

Well, but still if you are not using the Spotify app on your mobile and want to use Spotify web player on Mac then you are good to go. Now the question is how to access the same?

How to use Spotify Web Player

You must be aware that be it you use the app or the web player, you need to have an account with Spotify to stream your music. It is the same when it comes to any web browser. In Spotify, you can easily sign in with your Gmail account and name a username and password. If you don’t have it yet then you can head over to would look something like the below image.

Spotify web player on MacSpotify web player on Mac

Here, you can play songs though. But you can’t add songs as your favourite or create a playlist.

The best part is, with Spotify, sign up is free. Hence you are not paying anything even to use it as a web player. Once you try to Sign In with Spotify or Sign Up, these are the specific options you get and you can directly get started.

Spotify web player on Mac loginSpotify web player on Mac login

Sign up with Spotify and Sign in.

If you already have one Spotify account then go ahead and Sign In. Once you Sign In, you will be able to search and stream music in your Spotify account. Enjoy your favorite music.

How to Use Spotify Web Player on Mac

Many still think that one can’t use Spotify web player on Mac. Although it is not as easy to access as the other browsers it is not impossible as well. Mac has always been a little unique and doesn’t blend easily with everything like Windows.

Well, in that case, you have to know how to use this OS properly and bridge the gap that others are going through.  To use Spotify web player on Mac you can follow the below steps and it would work. Open Spotify web player in a private window.

If you are not aware how to do so then –

  • to open a private browsing window in Safari

  • navigate to the main menu and select File > New Private Window

The Spotify web player in Mac can be used now in the incognito mode.

It gives you a full access to the Spotify web player and now you can experience a seamless music streaming experience.

In case you are using Mac and you are not fond of Safari and you like Google Chrome then also you can access Incognito mode.

In Chrome to access the incognito mode –

  • Click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner

  • Then select “New Incognito Window”

  • The remaining steps will be same as in to access the and signing in to the platform to stream music.

Hope this has cleared your concern related to the Spotify web player on Mac and you can enjoy your music now. Cheers.

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