Jana Kramer Files for Divorce from Mike Caussin

IT IS DONE! Jana Kramer has announced that she and her husband Mike Caussin are no longer together after almost six years.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer- A look at their Highs and Lows

The 37 years old singer said on Wednesday “It’s time, as I try to make sense of reality I never wanted to believe, could be possible again. Those words have now become a reality.”

She posted on April 21 on Instagram “I’ve Fought y’all, I have loved hard. I’ve forgiven, I have put work in. I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.”

They Stayed together even after cheating Scandals

She adds “I just can’t fight longer. It is time to heal Thank you for all the love and heart…” whereas US Weekly confirms Jana has already filed for divorce. Kramer and Caussin who tied a knot back in 2015 share daughter Jolie and Son Jace.

The duo earlier was separated in 2016 after the US Weekly declared the news that the former football player was not loyal. He has been undergone for the treatment for the sex addiction and the couple renewed thie vows in 2017.

However earlier this year Jana confirms to Us. that she does not trust Mike fully who has been open about his sex addiction issues.

Jana Said “I trust him today; he is showing up today. He is showing up as a father and a husband. And he is living it with integrity.” The actress told this to Us in January “I had to do my work to continue to trust him the next day after that. And to be able to see his growth and our growth together. I do trust Mike can I say like 1000 percent? I do not know if I can say that, but I just trust my husband today.”

After this one month later Jana replies back at a troll who told her “just get divorced already.”

The couple have been working out on their relationship for long

Jana told E News “When I got to know about Mike’s Affairs, there was no other option but just to pray.” Jana said “It has been ups and downs in the journey of our marriage all through to the process to get it back.”

Mike told “I had so much shame about my behavior for years and I was like there is no Way God will accept me for the things I have done.”

In September 2020 Jana declared on the Whine Down Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Podcast that Mike actually filed for a divorce in 2016. She took this decision while he was in the reham for his treatment.

Jana was earlier married to Michael Gambino and Johnathon Schaech; however, it was Mike’s first marriage with Jana.

It must be very tiring for Jana to handle this stuff anymore that is why she has taken this decision. Well whatever she does her fans will always be with her and support her and love her. We wish the duo all the best for the life ahead!

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