Natural Remedies You Need to Relieve Mastitis at Home

What is Mastitis?

It is a painful inflammation in the single or both of the breasts. The area which is inflamed might be red, lumpy, or swollen. When there is no infection but the only discomfort then it is referred to as plugged ducts, however when the infection is present then it is known as Mastitis.

What all symptoms does Mastitis have?


However, there is no big or lengthy list, but there are some most common symptoms it can have:

  • Breast will be tender and could be warm when you touch them.

  • Swelling with a hard lump in the breast.

  • You might be uncomfortable when you breastfeed.

  • Skin redness

  • Fever, chills and feeling of not being well

  • Symptoms like flu

Causes of Mastitis?

It has Three Main Causes by which Mastitis can occur.

Plugged Ducts- These plug ducts can occur for many reasons such as:

  • Poor drainage of milk, due to lack of latch, kids with tongue ties often cannot suck much milk which can cause the insufficient drainage of the milk.

  • feeding with interruption which means when the baby does not get the complete time in order to fully drain the breast.

  • Tight clothing such as an underwire bra can create pressure on the breast tissues.

  • Longer breaks between the feeding time of the baby, sometimes because you are stuck in other work or maybe sometimes if the baby is sleeping longer than usual.

How can you prevent Plugged Ducts and Mastitis?

breastfeeding painbreastfeeding pain

Because Mastitis can be really painful, so following these tips can help you not to develop it.

  • Breastfeed is a must- Keeping the right schedule to breastfeed and let the milk drain as it demands to be drained. Pumping, in this case, can be helpful if your baby is sleeping and you are not getting enough time to feed it.

  • wear a well-fitted bra, avoid underwired bra as it can cause pressure on the tissues.

  • Change position frequently when you can breastfeed.

  • if you see the first sign or any other issue, consider taking a hot water shower and massage the affected area gently.

Natural Remedies You Need to relieve Mastitis at Home

  • Rest is the key! Rest as much as possible, avoid cuddling with the baby in the bed, it is a signal that your body needs rest.

  • it demands breastfeeding you can encourage it by taking off your clothes and kid’s clothes and let each other’s skin touch.

  • put Hot water bottle on the breast before you breastfeed. This will help liquefy the milk pockets and get it drained easily.

  • Message on the nipples when you are breastfeeding to the baby on the affected breast.

  • Make sure you Massage during and also in between when you are feeding as it helps ease the pain.

  • Drink plenty of water as keeping yourself hydrated is good for keeping your milk supply smooth. Remember breastfeeding is the best way to clean your breast blockage.

Things you should Apply

You do not necessarily need to apply all the things which are given in the list below, choose any one of them and treat it.

> Warm Compress- apply a hot cloth dipping in the water or herbal tea. However, you can also put a hot water bottle and take a hot water shower and massage the affected area.

> Potato Poultice- You need to apply fresh Poultice of white potato twice or thrice a day. It is very effective in the pain and affected area of the breast. Put the Poultice and remove it after it becomes warm after 20 minutes or so. And repeat it again in a day.

> Cabbage Leaves- Put cold fresh cabbage leaves on the affected breast and leave it for about 20 minutes and then remove it. You can also line them up in the cups of your bra, just make sure the bra is not tight. It should be loose and comfortable.

When should you see a Doctor? According to the doctors, it is a common thing that can occur in the breast, however with home remedies, it can be cured. The results will take 12-24 hours to show up. The herbal treatment is the best in this. However, if it goes above 72 hours and still you don’t find any relief then you should consider seeing a doctor, as then the infection needs to be stopped and cured as soon as possible.

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