Things to know about CCNP and CCIE Certifications

CCNP certification (Cisco Certified Network Professional) means that a certified person has extensive network knowledge. The professionals who have got the CCNP certificate can install the large enterprise networks with nodes whose amount varying from one hundred to more than five hundred, configure and run the Local Area Network and the Wide Area Network, and achieve the dial-up access service.

Who Should Get CCNP Certification

CCNA CertificateCCNA Certificate

A. College students

In the face of the fierce competition, every college student is striving to make himself stand out in the talent market. An extra international permit is undoubtedly a magic weapon for them to stand out from their classmates in the battlefield of the employment and other competitions.

B. The people who want to change careers in the Internet industry

If you want to enter the network industry again, Cisco certification is the best certification of the network skill with great reputation in the Internet industry. Getting Cisco certification is undoubtedly getting the key to enter the network industry.

C. Immigrants who study abroad

In the face of the situation when Chinese people in the Europe and the United States is generally hard to find a job, Cisco certification is a magic weapon to enter the foreign well-paid IT industry. And in the domestic studying environment, the training costs and the examination costs of the Cisco certification are cheaper than abroad to a great extent. It can also avoid such double obstacles that you need to attend the abroad training of the computer technology and speak in a totally different language.

D. Technical professionals in the field of the network

The Cisco certification is aptly described as the first-class ticket to get the advanced technology and a well-paid job.

CCIE certification overview

CCIE CertificateCCIE Certificate

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is the certification of the highest technical competence of the Cisco, located in the top of the Pyramid of the Cisco certification system. And it is also recognized by the people in the IT industry as one of the most authoritative and respectable certificates. It was rated as the top of the world’s top ten IT certificates in 2003, with the reputation of the IT ultimate certification.

You don’t need to have a CCNA/CCNP certificate in order to take the CCIE exam.  You can take the CCIE exam directly if you have enough skills. The CCIE exam is divided into two parts. Candidates must pass the written test and then they are eligible to take the experimental examination. You can take the written examination at any Sylvan test center, and you must take the experimental examination at the Cisco.

The state of the CCIE certification is divided into two parts, which are the active and inactive state. Cisco set up these two states for CCIE to be able to track the new technology, and keep the CCIE expert level. Starting by attaining the CCIE certificate, you need to make the certification again every two years. If not, you still will have your CCIE number, but your status will change from active to inactive. Corresponding rights in the Cisco would be invalid. The strict certification rules make CCIE one of the most valuable and respectable certificates in the IT industry and one of the most difficult certificates to obtain.

Cisco created the CCIE exam in 1993. On July 31, 2003, there were 10,144 CCIE students worldwide. Obtaining CCIE certification not only proves that your technology reaches the expert level and is recognized and affirmed by the industry, but also is a symbol of honor and a manifestation of self-worth. Obtaining CCIE certification has become everyone’s dream.

In order to enable customers to obtain the technical support at expert level, Cisco gives the order about the certification agent system that its certification agents must have a certain amount of CCIE, which directly stimulated the demand for CCIE. Now in the field of the System Integration, many owners require that contractors must have CCIE experts to be qualified to undertake projects, which shows the degree of recognition of CCIE experts in the industry.

After passing the rigorous CCIE certification, you will be given a CCO account, directly supported by Cisco Level 2 experts, and you will enjoy the privileges of CCIE. If you intend to be a skilled migrant, you will receive additional points for your CCIE certification. Currently, the salary of the CCIE can reach USD 150,000 a year in America, not including stock options and other benefits. To qualify for the rigorous CCIE certification, you must pass a written exam. After that, then you can take the experimental examination. After passing all the examinations and the experiments, you can finally become a CCIE.

There are two ways to study and get CCIE certification. First, in order to obtain the CCIE certification through self-study, you must have more than two years of working experience. You need to have enough time and energy and a perfect experiment. In addition, the most important thing is that you must have perseverance and never give up your own faith. Second, take part in training, for example, the training like SPOTO CCIE training. Look for a real training institution and use your spare time to attend training. Make full use of the laboratory equipment of the training institutions with the good learning atmosphere. Students can not only communicate with each other about the technology. What’s more, it is important for students to get the counsel of the CCIE experts in the training institutions. Improving the learning efficiency is a good way to get the better result with the less effort.

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