Top 5 Languages to Develop Web Applications in 2021

Programming languages are a set of instructions that are given to a computer to perform general or any specific task. These languages are human-readable which a computer system interprets on its specific terms and then translates into a piece of useful information. This useful information is called a program that is built using a specific language, following article shares some details about the Top 5 Languages to Develop Web Applications.

Hundreds of programming languages exist and every year, new programming languages are being created. The purpose why we see so many programming languages in the software development industry is to make life easier for software engineers as they are the human-force that is responsible to code and implement those programming languages.

With so many programming languages exist, it becomes a challenging task for business owners who don’t have much know-how of software development. One significant mistake that most of the companies commit in pursuit of getting software developed is that they mismanage their product development stage by opting for the wrong technology and tools.

In this post, I have made an effort in combining a list of 5 top programming languages to develop web applications in 2021. This article will help in deciding the right programming language and tools for your software development project by not making you go for the hyped and in-demand technologies. Going with a realistic and a calculated approach towards software development can increase the software efficiency and its chances of getting successful.

So, let’s get into it.

Programming Languages


Python is an open-source general programming language that made its way into the market back in 1989 and since then, it has gone past many updates, changes, and modifications. Python is used to build amazingly-fast web and desktop applications.

According to a survey of the TIOBE Index, Python ranks third in terms of popularity and global usage. In the coming years, it is all set to become the most popular and usable programming language in the world for the development of web and desktop applications. Another survey by STX Next revealed that Python showed a huge growth of 456% in terms of usage and popularity in 2018.

Python offers a variety of great, open-source libraries for image recognition, data science, and more. There are many reasons why companies choose Python in their technology stacks and offer Python development services. Such as Python’s simplicity in coding favors software developers to build even the most complex structures that cut the development time from hours to minutes.

Python is recognized for its many user-oriented frameworks that help developers create bespoke web applications and Languages to Develop Web Applications. The most popular are Django and Pyramid. Out of these, Django is the most used framework that takes simplicity to the next level. This framework is used to develop the client-side of a web application. Django helps developers in various ways such as enabling them to write less and obtain maximum features.

Python has been adopted by a few of the large organizations in the world such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Quora, and Spotify, etc. that has added to the authentication and adaptiveness of the language.


Although PHP is not considered a modern programming language. But if you take a look at its usage statistics, they something else i.e. 8 out of 10 websites are made using PHP.

PHP is a robust scripting language for the creation of whole web applications or their interactive components. PHP allows developers to build CMS and online database systems, message boards, subscription pages, gaming web applications, comment blogs, and registration systems. The platform offers a broad range of services.

PHP is an object-focused language that partially allows reusability of code. Its reusable components and code save a lot of effort of developers and reduce the development time to develop tailor-made web applications.

When it comes reusability of code, PHP offers great cross-platform code customization, and code written in PHP can be used on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. The language’s great customization potential, quick data processing, and smooth integration with different CMSs make it a good choice for dynamic web pages.

Laravel is the most famous framework of PHP that comes with a great array of benefits and features for web developers. Laravel provides developers with accessibility to caching, session management, and authentication functions. This enables developers to skip a great deal of groundwork, especially while creating a website.


Java was created exactly thirty years ago in 1990, as the pioneer programming language. Java has been the programming language most used until now because it providing app developers with excellent features. Many tech companies provide various solutions for Web and Mobile apps with Java software development services even in 2020.

It is the “Write Once and Wear Anywhere” function that makes Java the most enjoyable programming language to use. This allows programmers the ability to write the code on several web pages. This feature is later on picked by other modern-day programming languages such as React and Flutter. Java is also recognized as the King of programming languages.

Java has to offer a set of very useful frameworks and libraries but Spring Boot and Spring MVP are very popular and remained on top of usage in the past two years. Spring Boot is a Spring Framework mix of Embedded Services. It enables developers to bootstrap easily, avoid boilerplate code and boost productivity. Spring MVC is a model-view-controller frame that has setup files and ready-to-use features to build fast apps.

Java finished in the top 3 web application development programming languages by the end of 2020 because of all of its benefits for web developers. Also, it is a great choice for startups that look to get budget-friendly web app solutions.

Ruby on Rails:

Without any doubt, Ruby on Rails is one of the programming languages that make it one of the leaders in the web development industry. Along with PHP, Ruby on Rails is generally considered as a general programming language and supported by a huge, well-known community, a great number of libraries, and components for developing dynamic web applications with solid performance and scalability.

While it is not as popular as a few of the competing language lists, it is known for its e-commerce strengths as evidenced by websites built through the use of Ruby, such as Airbnb and Hulu. It isn’t without its issues, including unnecessary use of energy, which can lead to poor results, and it can be very complex, which means that the learning curve can be extremely difficult for language newcomers.


Since the arrival of JavaScript, web app development has taken an entirely new route, and what we are seeing in the form of progressive and dynamic web applications are the fruits of JavaScript. Almost 98% of the modern web applications are built using JavaScript.

JavaScript comes with benefits like it’s flexible, easy to write, and easy to debug. Instead of running on the server of the website, JavaScript is run on the computer of the user. The server requests are then reduced and the user experience enhanced. JavaScript also helps developers to transform static websites into mobile apps by incorporating features from the menu, animations, and hover interactions.

Javascript comes with some amazing frameworks that are on top of usage at the moment. For example, Facebook’s React, Google’s Angular, and Vue.JS is also a commendable JS framework. One very interesting thing about JavaScript frameworks is that they are more of user manuals that come with proper documentation and guidelines.

Angular – Angular is developed by Google and it offers ready-to-made components and templates to assist developers in creating attractive front-ends. Some renowned apps such as Google Play Store, Office 365, Netflix are developed using Angular.

React – created by Facebook, React is a full-fledge and entirely independent front-end framework that enables web developers to design modern and intuitive user interfaces using components that can be changed over time without having to write the code all over again.

It has emerged as one of the most used JavaScript frameworks over the past two years. While many JavaScript frameworks underperform when it comes to playing with search engines and thus leading to a poor website ranking on search engines, but that’s not the case with React as it’s amazingly fast and helps in getting a website ranked much easier and quicker.

How Would you Decide to Choose a Programming Language?

The common mistake that most people commit while choosing a programming Languages to Develop Web Applications is that they go for a hyped and most talked about programming language without focusing on their business needs and project requirements. And they end up disappointing with that particular language/technology.

In my opinion, the best way to choose a programming language is to first analyze your web app requirements and then list down your expectations from it. Presenting this list to the right developer will help you choose the right programming language for your project.

Wrap up:

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