What are Amazon Coins? How to use Amazon Digital Currency

Money has actually become digital in the past decade. No matter what occupation you belong to somewhere you are also making use of it. If you are a keen gamer or frequent app purchaser, then you must have heard about the Amazon coin. In this article, you will come to know everything about the amazon coin and digital currency. So, to keep reading in order to learn more.

What are Amazon Coins?

Amazon coins are the digital currency that you can use to buy online games or apps.

One coin is worth one US Cent therefore 100 coins will be equal to $1, they do not have any expiry date. However, if you wish to buy coins in bulk then you can get a discount and a good deal. Here is an example: you can buy 5000 coins at the value of $50 for $42.50.

You can buy amazon coins from Amazon account. You get it from the Amazon app store by going to ‘Coins’ tab.

How can you use Amazon Coins?

To use these coins, you will need to have a fire tablet or fire TV, or you can download the amazon app to use on your android device.

Once you have added coins to your account you will get the options to either pay with amazon coins or cash. To pay from Amazon coins simply select the option as coins and you are good to go.

Amazon Coins

It was first launched in 2013. It is a digital currency that is used to buy games and apps. Did you know? Amazon coins are a great way to make money on your micro’s transactions, such as Kindle, Fire owners, using them you can get a 20 % discount on your purchase.

However, there are other ways you can earn amazon coins by making purchases. Games such as Hearthstone have earlier provided such deals. So, you better consider amazon coins payment for some good deals for yourself.

Amazon coins can also be used to buy games and apps like – Minecraft, Pocket Edition. You can get a 20 percent discount to purchase it.

It keeps giving you gifts!

Amazon coins also offer you the gift provision. If your family member or a friend is a keen gamer you can give them a bunch of coins as a gift virtually. Simply you will have to pick the right one from your list and give it to them as a gift maybe on their special day.

Can you exchange Amazon coins for real Money?

Unfortunately, the answer is No! Once you have purchased the amazon coins you cannot convert them into real money. But the good news is that as these coins do not expire, so you can obviously get a good bunch of them and keep them for a better deal to be made.

Also note, that you can buy any subscription with these coins or to buy any other item through it. Or you cannot spend these coins buying apps or games that are not available on amazon app store.

And you cannot use amazon coin for real money. For example, if you do not have sufficient coins then you cannot make the rest of the payment by your credit or debit card or your wallet. You will have to buy fully by coins or fully by cash that is up to you. Well anyways it should not be a problem as using amazon coin will be discounted so it will make it up to the purchase you are making.

Have some self-control! Amazon coins can be an addiction

Imagine you are playing your favorite game and you are about to lose a big stage or the final stage of the game. You will notice that there might be energy or HP loss of your gaming character, you  go to the gaming menu options and there you see a screen with the option of micro transaction. Let’s say for $ 3.99 and after buying it you are sure to make your gaming character win which was about to lose the game. Now for example you do not have enough coins to save the character, you will simply be asked to buy more coins and you will surely buy it to win the game. After that you will spend $300 just to buy those coins.

If you think you are under this category then please STOP and Don’t use the Amazon Coins. Don’t sacrifice your cash for the sake of gaming. You better have patience and collect enough coins over time.

Reviews by Amazon Customers

Well customers like this addition by amazon of digital coins, as it saves their money by 20 % for the purchase.

Under some reviews people said that it is a great thing to gift your loved ones especially the gamers. While others say it is the best way to save up-to 20 percent on purchasing your favorite game or app.


If you make a lot of purchases on games and apps on amazon app store, kindle, fire or android devices. Then it is a great way to save some money while also getting your favorite thing in hand (virtually).

However, if you aren’t a frequent purchaser then it’s like free money, like for example you like a game online and you already have the coins collected worth buying that game. Then it’s like free money to you if you do not wish to spend the real time money or cash to buy that app or the game. But also make sure you are not getting addicted to buying coins because that way you will lose your real time money very easily and quickly, instead wait and collect them patiently.

We hope that this blog helped you learn about amazon coins and purchases. If you had questions regarding what amazon coins are then this blog would certainly be your answer to that. If you like it then share it with the friends or your gamer friends or family members. And help them know the value of amazon coin and the process of spending or collecting them.

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