What Does it Mean if Your Baby is Very active in the Womb

Some days you may have a feeling like you have a punching bag, which is punching you inside out. Sometimes the kicks, head, butts keep coming from your little baby in the womb. There are chances that you might question yourself if this is normal or not? In fact, sometimes the kicks will be so strong that you will believe you are going to raise a football player.

The Activity of your Baby

However the fetal movement that you notice is a good sign that your baby is growing both is size and in strength. According to a study in 2016 that pregnant women can be highly attuned to the baby’s activity. Some of them includes:

  • The Frequency of the movement. It could be lesser or more than you have expected.

  • The Intensity of the movement.  It could be weaker or stronger as you have expected.

  • Duration of the movement. Longer or maybe shorter.

  • The character of the movement. Maybe slower or faster as a change of pattern.

Can your baby move way too much?

Baby in womb detailBaby in womb detail

However, if your baby is way too active your friends and your family might come up with the old logic that it would be he or she would be athletic or smart. But these things are not something to be found in real life.

However, on the other hand your doctor will explain to you that these movements are because your baby needs to have healthy joints and for this, these movements are normal and essential.

Additionally, there are even chances that the doctor would tell you that there is nothing like being way too active in the womb. It is simply the result when your baby is growing and the kicks can even be more forceful when he or she grows more. 

Times of higher activity

baby in womb and acitivitybaby in womb and acitivity

However, there are certain periods when you will notice the higher activity of the baby. Such as when you have eaten a meal or when you are lying down. As compared to when you walk, your baby is lull to sleep by then.

In contrast if your stomach is full, making it more space, you will notice even higher activity.

You must know that every pregnancy is different

Be sure that it is not possible for every pregnancy to be the same. However, maybe your family and friends will have their stories to tell you to put their experience on you. But you might not necessarily be feeling the same things they had felt during their time of pregnancy. All babies are different, however, in most cases, an active baby is a healthy one.

The level of strength of your baby’s kick

Baby Movement in wombBaby Movement in womb

 No doubt the first kick of your baby can seem to be a blessing and the first feeling of motherhood. But after some time, these kicks can be unpredictably forceful. Se be prepared!  There are many people who cannot realize how strong a baby can be in the utero. According to a study in 2018 a baby can kick up to 6.5 pounds of the force just within the 20 weeks. However, in the 35th week the force may drop down to 3.8 pounds as your baby does not get more space to move.

Movement counts

By the third trimester your doctor will be monitoring your baby’s activity in the womb. The doctor will then suggest you to count the kicks. Simply count the number of kicks your baby makes in a particular period typically 10 minutes. Every day you should notice it at the same time in order to examine the changes.

Deduction in the baby’s movement

Baby in WombBaby in Womb

If the Baby who is active in the womb becomes lessen, then you should consult your doctor. Therefore, a decrease in the baby’s movement is not a good sign which your doctor might tell you before it’s too late.

However according to the study in 2020 it is good to keep having ultrasounds in order to analyses the fetal growth in the womb. It is recommended especially in the third trimester.

In short if you do not feel any movement after 22 weeks, then it is good to consult your doctor. However, your baby might still be sound and healthy but still a checkup is always good to be done.


We hope that this article helped you in learning about how a Baby can be active in the womb. Simply follow and analyze the above points, and look for a doctor if you stop feeling movement in 22 weeks. Do not worry it might be natural as the baby might not be getting enough space to move. It will still be healthy, however, the safer is the better. If you like this blog, share it with your friends or women who are in their pregnancy phase in order to make them learn about these activities or movements. All the best.

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