10 Apps & Websites for Ambient Noise to Help You Stay Productive

Everybody likes to do their work while listening to music. But have you tried to do your work with ambient noise? These are really interesting sounds because they can run in the background. Also, it will make your mood calm and happy. Many apps and websites offer ambient noise for your background. You can use it anywhere for example in your workplace and home. If you are reading a novel or working in the kitchen you can switch on the ambient noise and go about your work. So why not try it. Have a look at the ten apps and websites that offers a large collection of ambient noise.

1. Noisli


This website will offer you sixteen sounds. For instance, you will get the ambient sounds of rain, wind, forest, water stream, water and more. Also, you can play the sound anytime. There is an option to play the multiple options at once. Further, you can adjust the volumes too. You can share your favourite combinations with your friends and family. Then set the timers where the sound will start and fade. You can make it a Chrome extension so it will be easy for you to access it.

2. Soundrown


This website will provide you with ten sounds. There is a sound that will make you feel as if you are drinking coffee in a coffee shop. Also, there is ambient noise of Rain, Waves, Fire and more. There is an option to play multiple noises all at once. It is really easy to use this website too. There are different variations of sounds available on this website such as playground, train, sleep and more. So according to your preference and mood, you can play the sound.

3. A Soft Murmur


On this website, you can find 10 sounds like rain, thunder, birds, crickets and more. Then you can play all these sounds at once. Also, there is an option to adjust the volumes. You can set the timer for the music to fade and start again. The sound will be very subtle so you can do your work and also hear the sound. It is really easy to use the app too. You can find all the sounds on one page so you can choose what you want easily.

4. August Ambience


This website will have the sounds you will like to hear during the summer. Therefore you can make your bright mornings and warm afternoons pleasant by hearing the sounds from this website. You can hear the waves of the ocean and also the sounds of the cricket on this website. It allows you to have a good and calm mood.

5. Hipstersound


 This is another great website where you can find ambient sound. There is a selection of different café music on this website. You can turn it on and enjoy your coffee time. You will get access to the ambient sounds like Les Charmant Cafés des Paris, Gentle Hum of a Quiet Restaurant, Buzz of a Busy Texas Cafe and more. Also, you will be able to fine-tune the audio blends. There is also the option to set the timer where the music will end in thirty minutes. So make use of this amazing app.

6. MyNoise


This is the website that contains complex ambient noises. You can find the selection of pre-made mixes of sounds in the categories like natural noises, atmospheres, industrial, voices and more. These different noises will be according to your mood. Therefore you can prefer the sounds you love and choose them as a background. There is an animate option on this website that will automatically change the music.

7. Tabletop Audio


This website contains over a hundred ambient noises. It mainly focuses on fantasy themes. So you will feel as if you are inside a fairy tale. Some of the music themes found on this site are Woodland Campsite, Medieval Library, Windswept Plains, Lively Café and more. So what are you waiting for? Use this music in your home and make it a haven.

8. Showertime

This website will offer you ten basic sounds such as winter, rain, waves, birds, night and more. You can make a collage of the sounds and play it all at once. As the music changes, you will feel good and calm and it can relieve you of stress. Therefore if you want a small collection of ambient noises then this is the site for you.

9. Ambient Mixer

Ambient mixer4Ambient mixer4

This website contains the sounds created by the users who visit it. Each of the music has different sounds and you can adjust the volumes and the repetition. Some of the music samples available on this site are Evening Bonfire, Grassland, Summer Forest and more.

10. Moodil

You can find fifteen sounds in Moodil. Also, it contains the variants of these sounds that numbers thirty-eight. Some of the basic sounds in this site are rain, waves, frogs, night and more. You can sign up for a free account on this site and enjoy it.


With the help of the websites and apps given here, you can improve the ambience of your home and office. This will make your guests feel happy and welcome. Also, there is noise for every occasion.

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