10 Most Trustworthy News Sites to Find Real Stories

There are lots of things on the internet and in newspapers. It is beneficial in many ways but you will find that the news and information in it cannot be always accurate. This can affect your research. Therefore to find trustworthy news sources you have to work hard. If you want to get the most trusted news sources then we have gathered the Thoughtful news sites here for you. With the help of these sites, you can find the news that you can use for your in-depth studies. Then you can finish your projects with ease. So what are you waiting for? Benefit from the sites here.

1. The BBC

The BBC is the site that is at the top of our list. You can find reliable information on this site. Also, it is the best site for journalism students. You can find many kinds of trustworthy news on this site for your research. The BBC has reporters from all parts of the world so they gather the news with good accuracy. That is the reason why they are a great news source.

2. The Washington Post

This is one of the oldest news sources in the world. It got founded in 1877. They are the top tier of the newspapers in America. Many people read their news as they are trustworthy news sources. Also, this post has offered 69 Pulitzer Prizes. So it is the best site for your projects. You can get lots of information from this site and will help you to become a great journalist.

3. PBS

This trusted news source started to work in 1970. Their full name is Public Broadcasting Service and they are a non-profit programming distributor. You can find some great shows on the channel such as News Hour, Frontline and Washington Week. Most of the contents offered by PBS are in a video format. So you can look at their videos and write down the things you learn for your research. Also, you can get transcripts of interviews from the site.

4. The New York Times

This is one of the most influential news sources in the US. It offers the progressive view of the world. Also, they follow the ethical standards of journalism. So you can follow up on their news. If you want to read the news regarding politics, culture and business then this newspaper is the best.

5. The Economist

This newspaper is for budding economists. You can get every week updates of news from this site. Further, they offer real stories for you to understand the world conditions. Also, they give a deep insight into the news. So it is a great site for you to be updated.

6. Foreign Affairs

This is a bi-monthly magazine from the Council on Foreign Relations. It is a serious trustworthy source for the people who are students of Global affairs. There are also digital platforms of this magazine available. So you can look into it. It offers the different analysis of news so you can get opinions of all sides. Therefore use this amazing site for your research on various topics.

7. The New Yorker

This source will print you the sophisticated nonfiction pieces. It is all from the top writers. Also, you can get the reports of each week in accurate detail. You can get the news based on politics, culture, business and other excellent topics from this site. They will provide you with deep insight and coverage of the news. Therefore all the news will get deeply imprinted in your mind. Add this site to your list of trustworthy sources.

8. Politico

It has become a crucial source for political news over the years. You can find their site on the net and also some printed pieces. Also, all the political scenarios will be offered to you in detail. Also, it has begun lots of startups too. Therefore if you want to research more on the political scenario then do not forget to add this source to your list.

9. National Public Radio

This got established by the act of Congress and gets some funding from the public. Many of its stations are owned by Government censorship. They host lots of radio talk shows that are accurate and reliable. That is why it has put an end to the other unreliable sources. So to acquire a lot of quality information you can listen to NPR. Then it will benefit your studies.

10. Journalist’s Resource

This is a news source started as a project by Harvard’s Kennedy School. It collects information and offers details on public policy issues. Also, it is serving lots of educators, journalists and bloggers. So students can access their contents for high-quality academic study. They offer news regarding gun control, income inequality and immigration. Therefore for all your in-depth studies, you can make use of this trusted source.


These are the 10 most trustworthy news sites for you to find real stories. Read and research with the use of these sites.

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