12 Most Popular Google Doodle games to Play

Many popular Google Doodle games will keep you engaged in your free time. Therefore why not try playing these games. You can find lots of such interactive games to cure boredom. There are really simple and will offer you lots of entertainment. These games are not like the games you will play on your PS4 or Xbox devices but they are more grounded. Therefore you can play them anytime you want. If you are stressed at work or bored in your home then these games will offer you company. Have a look at the list of twelve popular Google Doodle games here.

1. Pac-Man


This is the first type of interactive Doodle game that released on May 21, 2010. This game got released to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the classic Pac-Man. So this Google Doodle game will offer you lots of fun. Therefore eat away all the foods in the game using the Pac-Man. Also, pass through all the obstacles in it. This game has the original features of the Pac-Man such as the graphics, logic, and sounds.   

2. Soccer 2012

This is a sports game in Google Doodle that released in 2012. You can play as a goalkeeper in the game so you have to stop the other team from scoring goals. Therefore this game will help you to escape from boredom. You can make use of the mouse position and then right-click to stop the shots. This game has simple graphics and animation. There are no complex details in this game. So you can play it in a relaxed manner.

3. Basketball 2012

If you are a fan of basketball then this game will keep you engaged. This Google Doodle game is adorable. You can make use of the space bar or the mouse to control the game. It is as simple as that. Within twenty-four seconds you have to score as many as you can. The player is a little basketball player who will help you to score. You have to be very precise as a pin to play this game.

4. Coding for carrots

coding for carrotcoding for carrot

This Google Doodle game got released on Dec 4, 2017. It was to celebrate the fifty years of coding for kids. The main goal of this game is to get the carrots using the code blocks. You have to guide the cute little rabbit to collect the carrots. The interface of this game is simple and you can play this game during your break time. Also, use the basic controls to play it.

5. Garden Gnomes

This Doodle game launched in 2018 and became a hit. The main goal of this game is to use the clay gnomes and launch them in the catapult. You can throw them as far as you can. You will score as you launch the gnomes one by one. Also, a selection of the different kinds of gnomes will be offered for you.

6. Scoville

This popular Doodle was released during the birthday of Wilbur Scoville. To play this game you have to use your mouse to throw ice cream on the chillies. There will be a slider in the game and when it comes to the middle you have to precisely throw the carrot. Therefore this game is a battle between the angry ice creams and chillies.

7. Halloween 2016

You have to become a wizard in this game to kill the ghosts. The main character in this game is Momo who is a black cat. He is a great master wizard. You have to defeat the ghosts in the game using the wand Momo wields. There will be some patterns near the head of the ghosts and you have to draw those designs to get rid of the ghosts. 

8. Hip-Hop

This is one of the best interactive games in the Google Doodle. This game released in 2017 and became popular for its music. You can mix and scratch the songs in the DJ box provided for you. Therefore you can become a DJ in this game. There are many collections of songs in this game so enjoy.

9. Rubik’s Game


Showcase your intelligence by solving the Rubik’s cube in this game. It is one of the famous interactive Google Doodle game. You can make use of the mouse and the keyboard to solve the puzzle. It will be the same as you do with the real-life Rubik’s cube. It is the best game for the genius in you.

10. Quick, Draw

This is an online game developed by Google and it will challenge you to draw a picture. Then the AI will guess the drawing and will answer you. You will get impressed with the game. Also, the AI of the game will learn all the drawings and will improve its understanding in future games.

11. Loteria

This is a traditional game meaning game of chance. This game is the same as bingo but you have to use the pictures in the deck of cards. Every image in the game will have a name and a number. Then you have to use it to play the game and become the winner.

12. Dinosaur Game

This game is also known as the Chrome Dino. This is a built-in game in Doodle you can play between your chores. The game released in 2014 by its creator Sebastien Gabriel. If you are offline in Google then you have to click the space bar to play this game.


These are the twelve most popular Google Doodle games you can play. They are simple and will make you feel relaxed. 

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