15 In-Demand Technology Skills to Learn in 2021

Are you looking for a field change but still confused about the Technology skills to learn to get into it? You can make your marketability more enhanced by pursuing some skills that can be important in the future.

Did you know that around one million Technical jobs went unfulfilled in 2020? It was s signal that people have a lack of Technology skills, however, a survey by Udemy said that over 50% of companies’ priorities the skills in technicality, which when people lack, they lose.

No wonder that technology is a big field and there are many fields a person can go in. Therefore, in this article we will see what skills could be in demand in 2021.

1. Cybersecurity

While having discipline in cybersecurity is a must and trending, but there are some fields that are in most demands

As per the Burning Glass Technology, that Application development security and Cloud Security are fastest growing sectors in the IT field.

According to Dorie Isaacson, security links into every sector, however having some skills that it can be beneficial in everything, be it coding design or designing of infrastructure.

However, if we discuss in detail then the most searched after skill is for secure application development involves container security, microservices security, and application security. Hence, the cloud security specialist, the top skills required by them Azure security, cloud security infrastructure, Google cloud security etc.

2. Big Data and other Internet Things

As much as the business grows so as the data grows and requires people who can manage and analyze the large set of data. Since data science is important for humans, soft skills like communication, critical thinking are just as important as hard technology skills.

3. Artificial Intelligence

In the coming next five years skills like Artificial intelligence will be in high demand by 71 % by the recruiters. With employers giving a good amount of money per annum around $ 14,175.

In fact, from now only people are looking for candidates who can understand NLP and Neuro Networking technology skills along with a good experience. If you start learning now, you will gain quite good experience in the next five years. 

4. Cloud Computing

With the number of businesses which are now moving online every segment of the cloud is growing especially during the pandemic. This includes software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (paas), and Infrastructure as a service (Iaas).

5. Software Development

Software development is full of demand for someone who is expertise in soft technology skills. Since, the demand is high so the interview is little tough to crack, as there will be panel interviews and there will be some practical’s that they might ask you to show. Such as coding, Java Script, DevOps and so on.

6. Mobile Development

Today there are around 3.8 million of mobile users in the world, and this number is growing and growing. It means the companies who are looking for their long-term existence in the market, they do not just need websites but also need the apps. However, having mobile development skills means you can build apps, so you can also build apps of your own and sell them, hence it is a good way to inspire other entrepreneurs to start the business online. The interesting app created in 2021 is the Contact tracing app which helps in slowing down the Covid 19 cases.

7. BlockChain

Originally made for digital currency bitcoin has now evolved. The technological community is searching for the other potential uses for technology. Such as Peer to Peer payments, file storage, digital voting etc. Some Platforms like Ethereum more organizations need to understand the blockchain

Some of the skills you need for blockchain includes, networking, database designing, and programming languages, Java, JavaScript, and C++.

8. Product Management

We can describe Product Management in one line. Therefore, roles in this are different and vary from company to company and product to product. Such as Software, Apps, physical products etc.

One thing which is common in every field is that product management is about making the best core quality.

However, if you are working in the technical field then of course the product management area will also require you to be able to understand the tech terminology.

9. Robotics Skills

Now if you want to be a robotics engineer, you can be specialized in both software and hardware roles. You can work on both the virtual as well as the physical bots. Physical robotics can include medical equipment, animatronics for films, exploration bots, automated manufacturing equipment. Additionally, robotics workers have become essential during the Covid 19 such as checking people’s body temperature, oxygen levels etc. therefore increased demand in robotics, means increasing demand for robotics engineering.

10. Salesforce CRM Skills

Salesforce is on the top biggest 10 Software companies, hence it has a lot of opportunities. CRM is something that helps the company get the business, the customer relationship and client building is all their responsibility. It does not require the purely technical role so iof you do not have that heavy techy background it is ok! You can try for this.

11. Low-Code Platforms

According to the prediction of Foresseter that 75% of the enterprise software will be built on low code technology in the year 2021. However, on the other hand 28 percent of the companies say that it will be in high demand in 2021. Low code is “coding” using a drag drop method, pre designed templates and other visual aspects, which take much less time as compared to old school coding methods. Therefore, having low code can make you get higher chances in 2021 to be hired. Many companies have already started teaching low coding methods to the kids.

12. Data Visualization

Data Visual developers help people to understand the importance of data by putting it in a visual context. For instance, turning spreadsheets into graphs and charts. This skill is usually used by data scientists, and data analysts.

13. Extended Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, is also known as Extended Reality or XR. it is going to be useful not just for entertainment in the future but for more. Marketing Advertising, Healthcare, have already begun to adopt XR technology. According to the prediction by 2022 it is going to be in huge demand, and the starting has begun in the year 2021, so it is good to prepare yourself.

14. UI/UX Design Skills

UI is different than the rest of the fields, UI means User Interface, which is mostly used in apps and websites to make it look more attractive. In short, UI is better for people who are looking to be specialized in visuals, page layouts, or products etc. Whereas UX means User Experience is better for those people who use testing in business, to meet user’s needs or expectations.

15. Linux Skills

In this year organizations are depending on IT to know how to operate Linux perfectly. Basic installing, and configuring workstations, understanding Linux Command Line. These are some skills that workers should start working on  now so that they can meet the requirement in the future or the next year.


We hope that this article will help you in learning the technical skills you are looking for, especially if you are looking for a career or field change within the same career. However, make sure that these skills are going to be in high demand by the end of this year and by next year, therefore if you will start to learn all these now you will be able to crack the entrances in the near future. Remember to keep a slot of your current skills and try to analyze where you stand right now, try to know your strengths and weaknesses. And then work accordingly. Well, that is all for now! Make sure you share this blog with your fellow friends, to help them decide about their career or maybe a career change. Thank You!

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