5 Useful Ways to Use the Markup Feature on Your iPhone

Are you aware of the Markup Feature on Your iPhone? Apple introduced this feature on iOS 10. This is a built-in function that has a marker tip icon. Also, this tool will help you to draw in your photos and PDF files. There are many uses for the Markup Feature on Your iPhone. This tool is going to get more features in the upcoming iPhone models. So, you can learn about its uses here. You can edit your screenshots and also make your customizations. That is why you can try using it for your day-to-day work. Know all the details about the Markup Feature on Your iPhone here.

1. Modify Your Photos

You can directly draw and write on the captured photos. Here is the process you have to follow.

  • Firstly, go to the Photos and then select the photo you want to mark.

  • Click edit and three dots icon.

  • Select Markup and then you can draw, add text and mark.

  • After that press Done and click Markup.

  • If there are no photo adjustments then you can click done.

If you are making any changes, you can save the photo. But you can undo the changes by choosing Edit and then selecting Revert > Revert to Original. Therefore, you can modify your photos by using the Markup feature in your iPhone.

2. Annotate Emails in Mail

You can use the Markup in the mail too. When you are composing a new mail or replying to an email you have various ways to use the Markup feature. Here are the processes that will help you.

a. Use the Markup feature for drawing

  • Go to the body of the email. Then click the < button on your keyboard. After that click the Markup icon. It will appear like a marker tip inside a circle.

  • Then double-tap the body of the email. Select the Insert Drawing from the pop-up menu. Use the arrows to scroll it.

  • You will go to the blank drawing page. Here you can make a drawing with many tools.

  • Click Done > Insert Drawing.

b. Use the Markup feature to add documents and photos

  • In the body of the selected email click < icon available in the format bar. Then click the document, photos, attachment or the ones you prefer.

  • Then double-tap on the body of the email and select Add Document, Insert Photo or Video. Also, you can make use of the arrows for navigation purposes.

Therefore, in this way you can use the Markup Feature on Your iPhone to annotate the mails.

The messages app will let you add the details you want to add with the help of the Markup feature. To send a photo that is marked up you have to follow the process below.

  • To make use of the existing photo in your messages go to the photos button and select an image. Then to make use of a new one click the camera button and then choose a picture by the device’s camera.

  • After that choose the photo in the inbox. Then click the Markup option.

  • Now you can draw, annotate and make use of Markup features by clicking Add (+) button.

  • Press Save>Done if it is over.

  • Click the blue arrow to share the message.

  • You can also add a comment in the photo if you prefer before you send the message.

Therefore, make use of the Markup Feature on Your iPhone to add extra something to your daily text messages.

4. Add Details in your notes

You can make use of the Markup tool in the Notes app. Click the Markup icon in the format bar. You can find it above the keyboard or at the bottom. Then you will find the Markup tool appearing on the screen.

But you have to keep in mind that you cannot add the Markup to images or texts in the notes. There will be a yellow boundary that will appear on the screen and you can draw or annotate. After it is over tap Done. Make sure you have finished with the Markup after you press done. Therefore, use the Markup Feature on Your iPhone to add details in your notes. It will give it a good distinction.

5. Draws on PDFs

You can use the Markup tool in your Apple Book pdf files. But it will not work in the epub files. To make use of this feature you have to follow the process below.

  • Press the document you will like to Markup.

  • Click anywhere and then exit from the full screen.

  • Choose the Markup icon which will be in the centre of the page. Then you can find the Markup tools appearing on the screen.

  • After it’s done you can click the Markup icon and then you have to exit from the Markup environment. You can find your edits appearing on the page.

  • If you would like to remove or modify the markup then click the Markup icon again. Press the part you want to remove or modify.


The Markup tool on your iPhone is a great feature. Therefore, you can use it for all your needs.  Whether it’s your chats, emails or photos you can use it almost anywhere. It will give a certain personalization to the messages you send to your family and friends. Also, it can make your emails look appealing. That is why this feature is an important one.

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