8 Things You Can Do with the Google Home Hub

Today, home automation is an exceptional concept. The smart products for home uplift the standard of living. Also, they offer great convenience for the homeowners. A voice control system is a top priority in modern houses these days. The voice control system is gaining more popularity in the automation industry. The new and amazing Google Home Hub is a central home automation system that can control your doorbell, lights and other automation devices with voice control. It is a device that can simplify day to day tasks in your life. Let us see the 8 exceptional things you can do with Google Home Hub.

1.     Use it as a virtual assistant

The Google Home Hub can be used as a virtual assistant in your home. With the built-in Google Assistant, you can use it to shop, find how to cook, make an audio call or any other task of your choice. You can ask the assistant the game scores, play songs, discover business and watch youtube videos. The convenience of this Google assistant is exceptional. From small everyday tasks to sophisticated tasks can be done with this virtual assistant. Also, the hub helps you to order food, make an Uber ride and any other task with voice control.

2.    Link it with a smart speaker

With Google home hub, you do not need expensive speakers to play music at your home. There is an unlimited speaker linking feature in the Google home hub. All you need is to find out the device compatibility for this process. It is possible to set a group speaker for this process. First, open the Google Home app, and then click on the plus sign in the upper corner. Now choose to add to the home option and create a group speaker. Select the speaker you want to link and tap on the save option. Now to play music on the speaker you can say ‘Hey Google Play music’.

3.    Play games with Google home hub

Interactive video games are one of the exceptional features of having the Google home hub. The device can keep you and your family entertained with popular game options. You can integrate tons of third party games with the Google Home Hub. You can command Google to play quiz games, kid games or any other game of your choice. All you need to say is ‘Okay Google play the game’. With just your voice command, it can play any of your favourite game instantly. It is an excellent automation device that can entertain your whole family.

4.    Learn a language

The Google Home hub is the best device for language learning. The Home hub devices let you translate phrases, sentences and words. You can easily find a translation for a word by saying ‘Okay Google translates to this language’. Also, it is possible to change the Google home language that is comfortable to you. You can go to the Google settings and tap on the more settings. Now under assistant choose the language option. You can choose the language of your preference in this setting. Also, it is possible to integrate the Home hub with other translation apps.

5.    Set the routines

With the Google home hub, it is possible to set plenty of home routines. For this, you need to open the Google Home app and click the set routine option. Now click on manage routine tab. There is a total of six preset routine option in the Google home hub. You can set the morning time, bedtime, I’m home, going to work, and I am home and coming home options. These options help you to set an alarm, turn or off lights and ring the doorbell. These are the exclusive daily routine commands you can finish through the Google Home hub.

6.    The listen to a story option

The Google Home hub is the best device if you want to entertain your kids. You can use the storytelling voice option for your kids. All you need to say is okay Google tell this story. There are plenty of stories that can educate your kids. You can integrate the stories of third party apps that come with voice narrative. This story option in Google hub is an exceptional feature of busy parents.

7.    You can learn to cook

The Google home hub s useful in every place of your home. However, it is useful more in the kitchen. The Google home cook is the feature that lets you learn new dishes from the device. All you need is to say okay Google find a recipe. You can connect the Google home hub to your speaker to hear all the recipes with high sound. You can pause the cooking video or say play before five seconds while cooking. With the Google home hub cooking becomes easier.

8.   Stay healthy with Google home hub

The Google home hub can be an exceptional home workout partner for you. Also, you can use it to play workout videos, inspiration workout music and much more. You can do a high-intensity workout with this device. All you need to say is ‘okay Google play the workout video’. You can also command the device to play separate workout videos for plank, full-body workout and more. You can set timers, playlist and track calories burning with this option.


The Google home hub is the best home automation and voice control device for you. It offers great convenience and comfort for the homeowners.

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