9 Memoji Apps on Android to Make Your Own Memoji

If you are an Android user you would want to use the Memojis that the iPhone users have. Do not worry. You can have the benefit of Emojis on your phone too. So, what are you waiting for? Here are the nine apps on Android you can download to create your memoji. Then you can send it to your friends. If you are not aware of what is a memoji it is customized emojis. The iPhone users create the memojis of their faces and share them. Many think that only iPhone users can enjoy the memojis as android users do not have such a facility. But there are several apps you can use to create the memojis. So, continue reading to know more about it.

History and Memoji Apps for Android

Apple introduced the feature of animojis in 2017. They are the custom animated versions of animals that people use for texting and sharing. Then these paved the way for the creation of memojis. Firstly, the Animoji came to the picture through the facial ids. This is a facial recognition feature created by Apple. Also, the faces get detected using the front-facing camera of the iPhone. Then the chip inside the iPhone will examine the 50 different muscle movements. It will mimic the expression of yours and will create the animoji.

Then in 2018 Apple again impressed its users by saying that it will release a new feature named memoji. The memojis are different then animojis because they are the custom emoji of the face of the user. So, the memojis get created when the users use their iPhone to capture their face. You can also create the memojis of the persons you want to.

Nine apps for Android to create memojis

1. Samsung AR Emoji

Samsung Memoji AR

Samsung AR Emoji is available on many Android devices. To use the camera app you have to switch to the selfie camera. Then you have to click the AR Emoji in the camera modes. Then you have to choose the Create My Emoji button. After that, you have to take a selfie. In the wizard choose your gender and also select the attires. Lastly, click OK.

When you are trying to use the selfie camera you will find the AR Emoji appearing as an option. With this, you can take pictures and also record the videos of the emojis movements.

2. MojiPop


MojiPop is a well-known app that makes your face into a hand-drawn styled cartoon. Also, it applies lots of stickers to it. You can find your memojis playing with cat, dancing and doing many activities. Also, there are lots of stickers in this app for you to have fun with. Some of the contents in this app are only available if you pay for them. But there are many stickers and scenes available free of charge. You can use it for creating your memojis. 

3. EMOJI Face Recorder

EMOJI Face RecorderEMOJI Face Recorder
EMOJI Face Recorder

The EMOJI Face Recorder is very similar to iPhone’s Animoji feature. This app will help you to choose the creatures and emojis. For instance, you can select a unicorn or a sunglass. It will copy your expressions so you can send it to your friends. You can have the octopus floating in space with the help of the EMOJI Face Recorder. But do not move your face because the image will not be accurate.

4. VideoMoji


This app will have a lot of AR 3D characters for you to choose from. Most of the characters in this app will be animals. Also, you can find some food items as characters too like hamburgers and more. There are over 100,000 downloads in the app. It is available for free.

5. Bitmoji


The Bitmoji is a great Memoji Android app. They contain small avatars that you can personalize. Also, you can make them look how you look in real life. They will mimic your expressions and actions too. You will never get bored with this app.

6. Gboard Minis

Gboard MinisGboard Minis
Gboard Minis

Mini is short for mini stickers that you can create with the Gboard Minis. So create a great image of yourself with this app. There is machine learning, artist illustration, selfie stickers and more.

7. FaceQ


FaceQ is a well-known app that has fun cartoon characters. The interface of the app is great as well as its many features. Further, there is a two players option in the app so two players can use the app.

8. Xpresso


There are lots of fun things to do in this app. There is an online dress-up feature in this app that helps you to develop your fashion skills. Therefore you can wear different types of outfits for the memojis.

9. Face Cam

Face CamFace Cam
Face Cam

There are lots of features in the face cam. Also, you can find many expressions in it. It has many features such as Personal Facemoji Maker, Multiple Memoji, and 3D Avatar Creator and more.


These are the nine memoji apps that you can use on your android phone. You can have a good time because of it.

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