How do Hackers Break into Your Bank Account

Hackers are real people who don a mysterious persona to steal all your files and important data. They never show their identity that is why it is hard to trace them. Cybercrime is doing all it can to put an end to hackers and their illicit activities. But many hackers have cropped up and it is never easy to catch them red-handed. They know how to delete all their traces.

Therefore, if you have important data on your devices then you must be careful of hackers. Here you can learn the answers to these vital questions such as – How do Hackers Break into Your Bank Account? How to secure your bank account from hackers? How do hackers steal money? How to secure your bank account from hackers? Knowing about these matters will make you more aware and keep your devices secure.

1. Phishing

The public is aware of the phishing attacks now.  But the hackers have increased their efforts even more. One of the tricks they use is hacking the email accounts of solicitors. Also, they are sending fake emails through the trusted sites too. So, it has become harder to know what scams are. How can you save yourself from phishing? You have to check the source of the email if you get one. If the address looks legitimate and looks strange then do not reply to it. The hackers may have compromised that account.

2. Posing as the man in the middle

Many hackers today disguise themselves as a man in the middle. Therefore, you will never know if you have got cheated or not. For instance, they will pose as an employee of the bank and talk with you. They will then ask for your details and will compromise your account. Hackers make lots of money by using the stolen details of their victim’s bank account. They may also monitor your server if it is insecure. So, you should not perform sensitive activities in an unsecured network. Lessen the online transactions you perform on unsafe sites.

3. Trojans


Nowadays we can perform all our transactions on our mobile phone. The banks have offered their customers an official app for transaction purposes. But some malware authors can make use of this. They may try to spoof an existing bank app. For instance, they will make a replica of the app to fool the users. So, when an unsuspecting victim downloads the app they will enter their name and back details in it. One of the names of such activities is the mobile banking Trojan. Therefore, if you want to be safe from such Trojan apps you have to check before downloading the bank app.

4. SIM Swapping

The authentication codes of the SIM are bad news for hackers. But in recent years they have learnt to crack them as well. The hackers will perform the SIM swap by contacting your network provider and acting as if they are you. They will say that they have lost the phone and will ask for your details. The network provider if fooled will strip your phone number from the SIM and will add it to the hackers’ SIM.

5. Keyloggers

 This is one of the sneakiest ways the hackers will use to hack your phone. The Keyloggers is a kind of malware that will record what you are typing on your phone. Then it will send these details to the hacker. Therefore, the hacker will learn all your back details, passwords and more. You have to install a good antivirus program that will protect your device from this kind of malware. If your bank has a two-factor authentication then you can activate it. This will prevent anyone from trying to hack into your account and bank details. The unique code will be sent to you anytime you log in if you activate the two-factor authentication.

6. Texts and phone calls

The hackers may use fraudulent texts and phone calls to contact you. They will claim to be a bank employee. Also, they will ask for your bank details. They may seem very convincing as a bank employee. They will know the ins and outs of collecting information from you. So be aware of such fraudulent and fake calls. If you get a call you can check if they are a real bank employee or not by asking them questions about the bank and also about them.

7. Public Wi-Fi


Some hackers will use insecure connections such as public Wi-Fi.  They may hack into the public Wi-Fi and will hack anybody who uses it. Therefore, you must not use public Wi-Fi for your transactions. The hackers will try to steal the information from you easily.


These are the ways the hackers will use to intercept information from unsuspecting people and hack their bank account.  So, it is better to be well informed to avoid the traps set by the hackers.

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