How to Access Highlights and Notes on Kindle

Kindle has taken the place of physical books for many. It has made the life of book worms more convenient. Also, you can open the Kindle anytime and read the books you love. The features in Kindle offer the readers a good experience. You can get many in the Kindle App. Here you will find the features like Kindle Highlights. With this feature, you can create notes on Kindle and use it. It is a great feature and you can find out all the notes on Kindle. Continue reading to know more.

Know how to highlight text in Kindle?

If you want to highlight the text in Kindle highlight you have to press and hold from the word you have to highlight and then drag it. You will find the text underlined and highlighted. But if you want to highlight a single word then you have to press and hold the word. Then you have to select highlight.

For adding and removing the highlighted text you can use the sliders option. Along with that, you can use the highlighting text. This will enable you to see the definition of the word in Kindle. Further, there is a Kindle X-ray feature you can make use of.

Know how to make notes on Kindle?

To make the notes on Kindle you have to click the highlighted text and press Note. Then a box will be provided and you can write the notes there. Then after completing the notes, you can press save. Then your note will appear in the icon. Also, you can edit, share or delete the notes anytime you want.

How to access the notes on Kindle?

You can access the different notes on Kindle highlights easily. You have to tap on the top of the screen. Then use the toolbar and press Go To. After that, you have to select the Notes. Then you can use the options like select and edit. Also, you can select, delete and share. If you press the note or highlighted passage then you can go to that location in the book.

How to delete the notes in Kindle?

Deleting notes in Kindle app is different from deleting highlighted pages in it. If you want to delete the notes then you have to select Edit. After that, you can go to the Notes section. Then you can find the Go To menu. Tap the numbered icon in the text and choose Edit. Next, you can press Delete.

To delete the highlighted passages, you have to choose the highlighted passage in the text. Then press delete. Or you can also go to the Notes selection and delete.

A good feature

The highlighting and annotating feature in Kindle App is great. It will make your reading more interactive. Also, you can mark a particular passage in it and also write the notes down. You can keep all your favourite books according to your preference in Kindle by using the features.


These are the steps you can use to Kindle Highlights and write the notes in Kindle App Also, it is an excellent feature.

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