How to Access iCloud Drive on Android Phone: 5 Easy Ways

Many users like to change from iPhone to Android. This is because of many reasons.  But they find it hard to adjust. The useful feature called iCloud is not available in Android. It is one of the drawbacks of using the Android phone for iPhone users. Here you can learn how to access iCloud Drive on Android Phone. Yes, it is possible. The iCloud holds many features of the iPhone. Therefore, it is a whole package. As an Android user also, you can enjoy the features of iCloud. You can learn about the steps. Continue reading to know more about Access iCloud.

1. Know how to access iCloud email on Android Phone

If you have your Apple ID then you would have created an iCloud email. There are a lot of iPhone users who select it as a default email. Therefore, after changing to an Android mobile, you can find it hard to access your iCloud email. But there is a way to set up your iCloud mail on your Android device. You have to do this process manually. After you have linked your iCloud account then you will be able to access iCloud on Android effortlessly. Here is the process for you to accomplish it.

  • Firstly, you have to go to the device settings>user accounts and then add an account.

  • Then select and add an IMAP account manually.

  • You have to enter your iCloud email id and then click the “Manual Setup” option.

Know how to access iCloud email on Android PhoneKnow how to access iCloud email on Android Phone
  • After entering the iCloud email id and password you have to enter some more details. For instance, for the service “” the port number will be “993”. Also, for this, the security type will be SSL/TSL.

  • Many people will wish to set up email via the SMTP protocol. They do not want to use the IMAP. Then if you have chosen the SMTP option when adding the new account, you have to change some details. You have to use the server “” and the port number will be “587”.

access-icloud-email-on-android-setup 3access-icloud-email-on-android-setup 3
  • After you have added the account, you have to visit the email and access iCloud Drive on Android Phone.

2. Know how to access iCloud contacts on Android Phone

You can access iCloud on Android and get the contacts. Follow the below steps for doing it easily.

  • Firstly, you have to log in to your iCloud account through the official website. Then press contacts on the homepage.

iCloud Browser HomeiCloud Browser Home
  • This will offer you all the contacts you have in your iCloud account. Choose the contacts you prefer to move it.

iCloud Browser Contact homeiCloud Browser Contact home
  • After choosing the contacts go to settings and press the “Export vCard” option. This will store all your contacts in a VCF file.

iCloud Browser Contact exportiCloud Browser Contact export
  • Now you have to visit the Google Contacts website and log into Google.

  • Choose the Move and Import tap.

  • You will find the “CSV or vCard” option and you will get the contacts stored in the vCard file.

3. Know how to access iCloud notes on Android Phone

  • Go to your iPhone Settings > Mail. Then click “Gmail”. Check if you have added the Gmail account. If not, you can do it by adding your Gmail credentials.

  • Then you have to activate the “Notes”. Also, you can automatically sync your notes to the Gmail account.

  • Open the Notes on your Apple device and click the back icon. From now you can switch between your Notes in iPhone and Gmail. You can tap Gmail to get a new note.

4. Know how to access the iCloud calendar on Android

  • Firstly, you have to access the iCloud account on your device. You have to check if the calendar is already synced or not. Then from the welcome screen, you have to press the “Calendar” option.

  • Now you will find an interface for the iCloud calendar. In the left panel choose the calendar which you want to export.

  • Then enable the “Public Calendar” and copy the URL.

  • You have to paste this link on the address bar. Replace the “webcal” with “http”.

  • Log onto the Google account and then go to the Google Calendar interface.

  • Press the calendars > import calendar.

  • A page will pop up. You have to browse to the location of the calendar you downloaded and then load it in your Google account.

  • Now you can go to your Google account and Switch on the sync option for Calendar.

5. Know how to access iCloud reminders on Android

You can make use of iCloud’s reminders in your Android easily. For that, you have to sync them to your Android phone. You can use CalDAV-Sync or SmoothSync. Also, you can download the OpenTasks too for this purpose. Therefore, sync your iCloud’s reminders to access iCloud Drive on Android Phone.


Follow all the steps given here to access iCloud on Android. It is really easy to do. Therefore, even if you are not using your iPhone, you can make use of the iCloud.

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