How to Annotate and Highlight PDFs in Microsoft Edge

The chromium-based microdot edge is the big talk in the tech world. The browser has exceptional features. Also, a lot of new features are available in this upgraded browser. There is plenty of annotation features in Microsoft edge that is not available in Google Chrome. If you work with documents, bills, and digital paper-related tasks then this suitable browser for you. Now let us take a look at how to Annotate and Highlight PDFs in Microsoft Edge. It is simple to quit your existing browser and use Microsoft edge now.

The need for the upgraded Microsoft edge

Today, many require PDF and form editing tools. There are only a few reliable tools that offer PDF editing. The Microsoft updated edge comes with plenty of new features. Annotating and PDF editing is becoming easier with this tool. All you need is to upload the file and start editing with this new browser. Also, if you work with documents, then highlight becomes easier with this tool. You can use these features for both personal and professional documents with ease. So let us see the steps to Annotate and Highlight PDFs in Microsoft Edge.  

The steps to set Microsoft Edge as the default browser

The quick steps to Annotate and Highlight PDFs in Microsoft Edge  

  • Some of the OS sets Microsoft Edge as the default browser and PDF reader. However, if you have not set Microsoft edge as the default browser then here are quick tips to do it.

  • First, go to the setting and choose the default app settings.

  • Now scroll down and click the Microsoft Edge app.

  • Now add the Microsoft PDF reader as the default app.

  • Lastly, with the new Microsoft PDF reader, you can edit, highlight and annotate any file or document.


The steps to annotate PDF in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft edge comes with the PDF reading feature. It enables you to annotate the PDF files both online and offline. Let us see the quick steps to do it.

  • First, open the PDF toolbar in Microsoft edge

  • Now click on the arrow next to the pencil tool. You can modify the pencil tool and also it’s color.

  • In the PDF toolbar of Microsoft edge choose the desired colour and thickness of the pencil.

microsoft-edge-pdf- highlightedmicrosoft-edge-pdf- highlighted
  • Now click the left button on the mouse to start annotating anywhere on the PDF. The PDF toolbar has an eraser that helps you to remove any strokes or squiggles.

microsoft-edge-pdf- Erasemicrosoft-edge-pdf- Erase
  • After completing annotation and click the save button that looks like a floppy disk. You can save the changes through it and download the PDF file offline.

The steps to highlight text in PDF files of Microsoft edge

Highlighting PDF text in Microsoft edge is an easy process. The first step is to open the PDF file and highlight the text. When the toolbar of the PDF loads, you need to highlight the tool button and choose a colour.

  • First, in the Microsoft edge, you need to open the highlight tool colour option.

microsoft-edge-pdf- highlighter menumicrosoft-edge-pdf- highlighter menu
  • Now hold the left side of the mouse button to start highlighting the text.

  • Highlight all the text you want through Microsoft edge.

microsoft-edge-pdf- highlighted sectionmicrosoft-edge-pdf- highlighted section
  • If you want to change the highlight colour, then It is possible to do that on Microsoft edge. You need to right-click the highlight option and choose a new colour to remove the highlight.

Change Highlight Color of PDF in Microsoft-EdgeChange Highlight Color of PDF in Microsoft-Edge
  • It is possible to remove or change the highlight colour of the PDF within the Microsoft edge.

  • Once you have made the changes click the save button and add the changes to the PDF.

The steps to edit PDF files with Microsoft edge

  • Through the Microsoft edge, it is possible to edit any fillable forms. With Microsoft Edge, you can fill, annotate and highlight any PDF form.

  • The Microsoft edge offers visual indicators that can edit the fillable and editable PDF files.

  • There are highlighted boxes in Microsoft edge that indicates editing is possible for a file or form. If you cannot see any highlighted form then it is not possible to edit them.

  • However, even if a file is not editable still you can highlight text and annotate them on Microsoft edge.

The steps to add noted in PDF with Microsoft edge

  • It is possible to include notes and comments for the highlighted text in Microsoft edge.

  • All you need is to right-click on the add comment option

  • A comment box will pop up that will help you to add texts or links

Comment Box on PDF in Microsoft-EdgeComment Box on PDF in Microsoft-Edge
  • After adding the text or link, you need to put a check on the mark button to save the comment.

Add Save CommentAdd Save Comment
  • Add the save comment option using Microsoft edge.

  • When you hover the mouse through the comment counter a comment text will appear.

  • Now you can save changes with Microsoft edge. Also, you can highlight comment text and annotate the comments with Microsoft edge.


Follow the above steps to annotate and highlight PDF with the new Microsoft Edge. Editing becomes easier with this tool.

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