How to Change Your Homepage in Google Chrome

The homepage in the Google chrome search engine is pre-programmed. It is possible to change the homepage in your Google chrome. You can choose a homepage that you prefer on Google chrome. If you do not have any idea how to change your Google Chrome homepage, then these quick steps will help you to do it. Also, the startup page in every Google browser is the same. However, you can make the desired changed on your homepage. 

The need to customize the Google home page 

The Google Chrome browser allows you to customize both the homepage and startup page. These two pages are different from one another. The Google startup page is a page that appears when you first launch Google chrome. The Google homepage is something that appears when you click the home button. Also, if your Google homepage changes automatically then there is malware in your device. There are plenty of benefits when customizing it. You can remove the malware home screen. Also, you can change the homepage to the page of your preference. 

When to set homepage 

The Google homepages are preprogramed in many devices. Also, the homepage may change if Google makes any modifications. However, if you do not have any homepage set on Google, then you need to set one. With the below steps, you can create a new homepage or set a homepage. 

Steps set homepage in Google chrome 

  • You can set the homepage in Google chrome using specific keys. 

  • Click the ALT+E and S on the system keyboard. It will open the setting menu of the browser. 

  • Type this address on the Google chrome address section: chrome://settings/ 

  • Now click settings and then the appearance tab. Change the homepage and ensure that it is enabled. Now enable the new home button on the browser. 

Alternative Steps to change homepage in Google chrome

  • To change the homepage of your Google chrome, you need to enter the browser. In the Google browser, click the three-dot buttons. 

  • Now go to the browser settings. 

  • In the appearance tab, enable the hoe button option. 

  • You can check if the changes you made works on the browser or not. 

Steps to change the new tab page on Google chrome 

To modify the home tab on your Google chrome, you need to download an extension. You can download an extension from Google Chrome with ease. Moreover, you can enable it through settings. To change the new table, you can follow these steps. 

  • Open the Google Chrome browser. 

  • On the Google web store page, click the custom new tab. 

  • Then click on add button to chrome option. 

  • The next step is to add the extension. Once you have installed the extension, you can see a prompt on the browser. It appears like a webpage icon on your browser. 

  • Now click on the icon. Also, select the Options tab. 

  • Now check if the extension is enabled. 

  • You can now type a URL and save the changes in Google chrome. 

To set default homepage in Google chrome 

  • If you want to set the default homepage back, then these below steps will help. 

  • Click the menu bar of the chrome browser. 

  • Now in the menu bar, click the tools option.

  • If you see the general tab, then click on it, 

  • On the Google home page, enter the www.google.com address.

  • Now click the more net option 

  • Lastly, you need to restart the browser. 

Steps to follow to see Google chrome Home page 

  • Sometimes, it is difficult to find your default Google home page. To find the default home page follow these steps. 

  • In the browser, go to the control panel 

  • Now click the programs and feature option

  • Remove the inbox browser from the installed programs 

  • You can see that the Google browser is now restored.  

Steps to add specific pages on the homepage 

It is possible to open a set of pages when you open the Google homepage. You can specify the page link for this purpose. Also, you can specify the number of pages you want to use as the startup page. On the settings and appearance option, you can dd any number of page links. It will enable a new homepage in your Google chrome. 


The above steps will help you to make the customization on the Google homepage. Follow the exact instruction to make the changes with ease. 

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