How to Check Your Mac is infected with Viruses and Malware

Mac is a safe platform. However, this platform can get infected with the virus. It is surprising for some that their mac has a virus. Many Mac users panic when their system has a virus. However, you do not have to worry about huge repair costs as you can fix them easily. First of all, it is essential to ensure that your device is infected with a virus or not. The chances of infection on Mac are less. Therefore, get complete assurance before determining that your Mac has a virus. You can follow these bellows quick steps to know if your Mac is infected with viruses and malware.

The signs to check infection

Using the antivirus is the best way to check if your Mac has any possible malware or viruses. Get a reliable antivirus for this process. Make an antivirus scan to detect the amount of virus and malware in your device. Do not access any third-party sites to scan or remove virus or malware Mac. Through these third-party sites, hackers can easily corrupt your system with virus and malware. Also, pay attention to these following red flags if you think that your Mac is affected by antivirus.

  • Check if your Mac is slower than usual. Your Mac might get slow if someone is misusing your system for cryptocurrency mining. Also, The DDOS attack another crucial threat that can entirely slow down your Mac. These unusual activities are two malware that can slow down your system.

  • Check the spam-like or recurring security alerts. If you did not run any antivirus scan but if you keep on receiving security alerts then there is a scareware issue. It is a kind of malware that puts the user under pressure to scan for the malware. If you click any email link or their part saying to make a malware scan, then your system can easily become infected.

  • Check for the red flags, if your browser page or tool on the page has changed without your knowledge. If you view such unusual changes in Mac, then it is hijacked by any malicious or third-party sites.

  • Check if you are receiving massive ads. In such a case, adware is a threat to Mac. These types of malware can create profit click and irrelevant ads on your system. These infections can slow down your Mac.

  • If you cannot access your confidential files and documents, then there is the threat of ransomware in your system. These threats are usually from cybercriminals. Also, it is essential to remove these threats from your Mac device.

The steps to remove an infection from your Mac

If you notice any of the above red flags in the Mac device then you need to remove them from your system. You can immediately run an antivirus to fix this issue. However, there are some steps you can do manually to remove these viruses and malware.

Check for the inappropriate applications

Malware can infect your Mac through even a good application. Therefore, if you do not use any application then it is essential to remove it from your system.

  • First, in the application folder use the Shift + command+ A key.

  • Now review the list of apps on your Mac. Delete the apps that you no longer use. Also, remove the application if you do not identify it.

  • Make sure to empty the trash. This process will completely remove the file from Mac.

Steps to removed inappropriate extensions in the browser

If you have any unknown extensions in your safari browser, then you can follow the below steps to remove them.

  • First, open the safari browser and open the preferences setting. Now check the home address in this option. If you detect any unusual or suspicious extension, then click the remove option. Also, you can change the setting into the default option.

  • Also, you can open the extensions tab to remove any unidentified extension in the browser.

Steps to clean the download folder

There are chances that the file you have downloaded may have any malware. Therefore, emptying the download folder often can save you from the malware issue. If you have any important files in the download folder, then move them to any other safe folder. Now click the delete option for the folder that you do not want. After deleting everything empty the trash for more security.

Steps to use the antivirus on Mac

  • Using an antivirus is an easy process. Let us see the quick steps to use the antivirus.

  • First, try to install the antivirus app.

  • Now open and launch the app on your Mac system. Now run a complete scan on the Mac device.

  • This process takes up a few minutes. Therefore, wait till the process is complete.

  • Now remove the malware and viruses from your system.

  • Lastly, you can restart the system. It will fix all the issue related to viruses and malware on Mac.


These quick steps can easily cure any viruses and malware on your Mac device. You can easily get rid of system slow down issues and other problems related to malware.

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