How to Create a Successful Real Estate Mobile App

The real estate market has very stiff competition. To survive in such a competition you must have the right tools and strategies. A mobile application can be your friend in this process. Mobile is a device that is used by the majority of people. Therefore, a mobile app is a better approach than a website. There are several apps already in this field. Apps like Zillow and Trulia are the most popular in the real estate market. With proper strategy, you can build an app that can take your business to a whole new level. Here you can find more info about Leading real estate app development companies.

Strategies to Follow

Here are the strategies that you should follow to develop a perfect app for your real estate business.

●       Database

Data is one of the most important parts of any mobile application. You should know where your data will come from. You have an option of taking the data from an individual real estate site or you can take it from agents and brokers, Take the help of an API for the data of your database. 

●       Payment method

Selecting a monetization and the payment method is very important. These are the following ways by which a real estate app makes money- getting a monthly fee from realtors, by advertisements, in-app purchases, crowd-source content. Here are some of the top payment options that can be included in the app- Apple pay, Google pay, Paypal, etc. 

●       Security

Securing the data of your users is essential. Users should feel secure while using the app. You can add a lock like a fingerprint, eye retina, or face Id scanner. It is also important to add a photo verification or two-factor verification. 

Must-Have Features

 Now in this section, we will discuss some must-have features that can enhance the quality of your app. 

●       Onboarding

 The onboarding or sign-up process must be easy. It is suggested to use social media for it. You can also do it by phone number or e-mail. But the sign-up shouldn’t be necessary for the beginning, let the user surf the app first. 

●       Profile

There should be different profiles for buyers and agents. The profile of an agent should have sections like properties, schedule, and profiles of buyers. Buyers must have a timeline that will show them a list of properties to buy. 

●       Filters

Advanced features like filters, categories, and sub-categories will always enhance the experience of the users. It will help them to find potential properties. By selecting a particular category, buyers can directly see a property of their interest. This will help them to save their time and they will find it easy to use the app.

●       Property

Property of profile is important for a buyer. It should contain all the information about the property. Give a description of the property and add some pictures. Add a call option so that the buyers can contact the agent. You should also enlist the price of the property. 

●       A favorite option

A feature that allows the buyers to shortlist some properties that they liked. This will help them to select some properties and then they can, later on, compare them. A favorite option should be on the property profile and it must be visible. 

●       Amount calculator

There should be a calculator that can help the buyer calculate several amounts. It should give an estimate of the final price and amount after the loan. It shouldn’t be a basic calculator. Make it defined. It must allow users to select the price of the property, initial payment, and loan interest. 

●       Call Option

Selecting a property is the initial step, the final step is to contact the agent. Hence, a call option is a must. You should add this option so that buyers can directly contact them. 

●       Maps

It is very important to show the location of the property to the buyers. A map is an option you need for this purpose. You can show different statistics for a particular location. This will provide a piece of valuable information to the user. The statistics can get gathered from any government site.

●       Analytics

Irrespective of any app, analytic is the most important component. Showing the progress of your business is a must. If the app is for both Android and IOS then you should collect the analytic as both platforms behave differently. You can get useful performance data from your app. It will tell you whether the strategy you are following is working for you or not. If the performance is not up to mark then you can alter your strategy. 

Final Takeaways

This is how you can create a successful real estate application. In this post, we focussed on some strategies and features that can help you grow. It is also important to select the right app developing company that can create a perfect app for your business. 

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