How to Fix the Missing Bluetooth Button in the Windows 10 Action Center – 7 ways

In windows 10 you will be able to use Bluetooth to connect to speakers, webcams, headphones, and more. You can also create folders and share them with other nearby devices. But sometimes even if the Bluetooth is working properly, it may not be found in the action center. This may happen because of the incorrect settings. Also, your system may not have recognized the Bluetooth settings. So here you will learn how to solve the problem of the Missing Bluetooth Button in the Windows 10 Action Center. Then you will also know how to add a Bluetooth button here. So, continue reading to know more.

1. See if your device supports Bluetooth or not

If you do not find the option to add the Bluetooth in the action center then your Bluetooth driver may be missing. Also, it may be that your device is not supporting Bluetooth. Know how you can check if your Bluetooth is supporting and configuring in the device.

  • First press the Windows + I to open the settings and then go to the devices.

  • The menu Bluetooth & other apps will be displayed. This means that your device is supporting Bluetooth technology.

  • See if there is a Bluetooth menu on the available devices.

  • After that check, if your device is supporting Bluetooth or not.

Bluetooth by Device ManagerBluetooth by Device Manager
  • The Bluetooth will be in the list of hidden devices. Therefore, click view> Show hidden devices. Then check if Bluetooth is on the list or not.

  • If you do not find Bluetooth in the list then you have to get a Bluetooth adapter.

The action center menu will have two parts. At the top, you can find the notifications for installed apps and systems. Then at the bottom, you will find the quick actions which will have major settings. You can find many notifications that Windows 10 contains. Also, it will collapse the menu Quick actions to save space. You can check all the shortcuts in the Action Center menu and press Expand.

The shortcuts may not be enabled by default in the action center so it may be the reason why the Bluetooth Button in the Windows 10 is not seen. Here is the step to fix this issue.

  • Click Windows + A to go to the action center. Then choose Manage notifications.

  • Press Edit your quick actions option. This will open the Action Center.

  • If the edit mode is on you can move the files in the way you prefer.

Add Bluetooth by NotificationAdd Bluetooth by Notification

3. Look at the Bluetooth settings

You may find the Notifications & actions are set properly but you still have to go to the Bluetooth Settings.

  • Press Start > Settings > Devices. Then you can find Bluetooth & other devices.

  • In the Related settings press More Bluetooth Options.

  • Choose the tab options and go to Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

  • Press Apply > OK.

  • Go to the Bluetooth settings and check whether you can find the Add Bluetooth button.

Bluetooth Button fixBluetooth Button fix

4. Check the support services

This is a third-party application that would have disabled the Bluetooth Support service. You have to take off the Bluetooth icon from the Action Center. Here is the process you can use to check the settings in the action center.

  • Go to the Bluetooth Support Service to open the properties.

  • You can check the Service status and it will be shown as Running.

  • If the status remains running then press stop and start for a quick reboot.

  • But if the status is not running then utilize the drop-down menu in the Startup Type. Select Automatic.

  • Press the button Apply for saving the new settings.

5. Check if there are any hardware changes

You can use the Device Manager as a troubleshooting tool. Follow the process below to get the Missing Bluetooth Button in the Windows 10 Action Center.

  • Go to the device manager and select the best match.

  • The device you use must be first on the list. Then right-click and choose Scan for hardware changes.

  • This will check the device manager and you can add a Bluetooth button.

Bluetooth Button fix by device managerBluetooth Button fix by device manager

6. Make use of troubleshooter

The Hardware and Device troubleshooter is available in Windows 10. You can use it by Command Prompt. Here is the process to find Bluetooth Button in Windows 10.

  • Go to the command prompt and select Run as administrator.

  • Import msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic and it will help you to open the troubleshooter.

  • Press next to begin scanning.

  • This will start the troubleshooter.

Bluetooth Button fix by cmdBluetooth Button fix by cmd

7. Use the Bluetooth troubleshooter

You can run the Bluetooth troubleshooter that may fix all your problems in a jiffy. To do these follow the process below.

  • Go to the Start > Settings > Update & Security.

  • Press the Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters.

  • In the menu find and fix the other problems by clicking Bluetooth > Run the troubleshooter.

  • So run the troubleshooter to fix the problems and you can get the Bluetooth Button in Windows 10.

Bluetooth Button fix by troubleshootBluetooth Button fix by troubleshoot


These are the seven steps you can make use of to fix the missing Bluetooth button in the windows issue. Follow all the steps here and use Bluetooth without any difficulties.

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