How to Join and Hold Zoom Calls on Chromebook

Zoom is one of the famous video conferencing apps in the world. Many people are using Zoom during this lockdown to work from home. But there is a way to use the zoom in the Chromebook. You may wonder does Zoom work on Chromebook? Yes, it can work. Therefore, learn about the process here. Join and host a zoom call on Chromebook. It gained a lot of popularity as they are becoming an important tool to host zoom meetings. Many students are using it for their studies and companies for their office projects. You can easily join and hold Zoom Calls on Chromebook. Have a look at the guide here.

How to use Zoom on Chromebook?

Although you can install Zoom for Chromebook on many devices there are differences between Windows and Mac. But there is one thing you have to keep in mind. There are two different processes to use zoom meeting on Chromebook. The first option you can prefer is to install the Zoom app through Chrome and the other option is to use the web interface. Here you can find the steps for these two different processes.

The first step is to create a Google account and connect it with the Chromebook. You will require this account for logging in and installing the zoom app. You can get it from the Chrome Web Store.

  • Firstly, you have to go to the Zoom application page which will be available in the Chrome Web Store.

  • Press the Add to Chrome. Then when you get the prompt choose the option Add Extension.

  • Then you can find the zoom icon in the toolbar. After that, you have to click the icon to get the Zoom app. So, you can host or join a zoom meeting.

  • In this way, you can get Zoom for Chromebook.

Join Zoom meeting with Chromebook

It is simple to join a Zoom meeting on Chromebook. You do not need to log in if you are not the meeting host. Here are the steps you can follow to join the zoom meeting.

  • You have to open the Zoom Chrome app which you can find in the app drawer.

  • Then choose the Join a Meeting tab and enter the meeting ID that you received from the host.

  • Now you have to enter your name and press Join.

Host a Zoom meeting on Chromebook

If you want to host a Zoom meeting on Chromebook then you have to create or host a zoom meeting on your Chromebook. Then you also have to sign up. It is always best to set up a Zoom account. This will help you if you are a frequent host of Zoom meetings and if you want to Join and Hold Zoom Calls on Chromebook.

Here are the steps you can follow to host Zoom meetings.

  • Open the Zoom Chrome app. Then choose the sign-in option.

  • After that, you have to enter your login credentials to sign in.

  • Now you will get the two options to host a meeting. You can opt to Start with Video or Start without Video. So, choose the options you are comfortable with.

  • You can also find a third option. This will allow you to use a personal meeting ID. It is best for people who have frequent meetings on zoom.

Invite the contacts for zoom meetings

Zoom will create a new meeting ID each time you begin the meeting. Then you can share the ID with your participants. You can invite the people who want to join the meeting. Here is the process you have to follow to invite the contacts and Join and Hold Zoom Calls on Chromebook.

  • Press on the contacts option to view the contacts.

  • You will find the contacts in the directory. Then you can manually search for the people who you want to invite. Use the search contact bar.

  • Click on the contact’s name you will like to invite. Then you can start the meeting. Zoom will display the status of your contacts after you invite them.

Schedule Zoom meetings with Google calendar

  • Zoom will offer you the two options to host a meeting. You can choose Meet Now or Scheduled meetings. Also, you can schedule a meeting through the following things.

  • Use the Zoom app.

  • Through the Zoom Web Portal.

  • Then you can use the browser plugin.

  • Further, you can download the Zoom Scheduler plugin and make it a Chrome Extension. Then you can schedule the meetings through the Google Calendar. This will help you to easily Join and Hold Zoom Calls on Chromebook.


These are the ways that will help you to use Zoom meeting on Chromebook. It will be really convenient for you.

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