How to listen to Spotify with friends

Spotify has become the top app for music lovers. You can find and listen to the songs available on Spotify. Also, there are lots of podcasts offered in it. But now you can listen to Spotify with friends. Use this new feature and enjoy the time with your friends. This feature got released in 2020 by Spotify. It allows the users to conduct a virtual party to share their music through the app. You can enjoy the songs along with your family and friends if you are near or far. Here you will learn the process to use the Spotify Group music feature.

What is the Spotify group session?

It is a feature fully designed to help people to socialize online. These are difficult times and many are missing family reunions and other events. Therefore, the group session in Spotify premium will let you share the link with your family and friends. So, using the link the entire group will be able to listen to sings and podcasts.

Each can use their devices to listen to the songs and will get access to all the options. Therefore, it is a great feature that helps us to handle the quarantine. With this app, you can host a virtual music-listening party. These are the wonderful aspects of the Spotify Group music feature that will help you to Listen to Spotify with friends.

How to begin the Spotify group session?

Before using this feature, you have to subscribe to the premium account of Spotify. If you are using the app for free then you will not be able to use it. Therefore, opt for the premium account.

  • First of all, you have to open Spotify on your phone or tablet.

  • Then you have to enter through the connect page. You have to play a song and click the Connect button.

  • After that click start session.

  • Now you have to press Invite friends.

  • You can now share the invitation to any messaging app. Or else you can copy the link and share it with your friends. The members of your friends’ group will be able to use the options like Pause, Skip, choose the tracks in queue and more. Also, they will be able to add new songs to the queue.

What can the users do in Spotify Group Session?

The invited users can listen to the songs from the app. They can use their device to listen or the device of the host. Also, many persons in the streaming party will be able to pause, skip, select or play the tracks.

Is there a way to chat with friends?

If you want to chat with your family and friends on Spotify then you have to use the third-party app. There is no feature for chatting in the Spotify Group Session.

Is Spotify Group Session available only for premium users?

This is one of the drawbacks of the feature in Spotify because only the premium users can access it. You have to pay a specific amount to get this feature. Therefore, lots of young users of Spotify cannot afford to pay the amount to use this feature. But still, many are becoming the premium users of Spotify to listen to the songs with their family. It has helped them to stay connected with their families. Further Spotify through this new feature is attracting free users to become premium user.

But if you want to share the Spotify songs with your family as a free user then you can use third-party apps like TunesKit Spotify Music Converter. You have to download the songs from Spotify and can share the downloaded files with your family through this app.


These are the ways you can make use of the Spotify Group music feature. You can have a great time with your family even if you are not able to meet them in person.

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