How to Run Portable Versions of Windows

If you are always going places and cannot carry your monitor with you then you will require a portable version of windows. Your preferences for the windows will always stay with you if you use the portable version of the windows. Therefore, how to go about it? Here you will learn all the steps there is to run the portable version. Make your life easier with this service. To have the portable version of windows you have to get the windows in the flash drive. This means that you can have your personal computer anywhere. But you will require windows 10 portable USB. Learn about the method to get the portable version of the windows here.

What do you need?

To get a portable version of windows you will require a few things.

  • First of all, you need a copy of Rufus or WinToUSB.

  • Then you will need a USB 3.0 Flash Drive containing 32 GB of storage and more. Also, you need a 2.0 USB drive.

  • Windows ISO. 

  • The valid license of windows portable copy.

  • There are various methods you can use to get a portable copy of the windows.

Method 1 – Get Portable windows 10 USB edition through Rufus

  • To begin you have to download Rufus and then launch it. It is a portable app that does not need installation.

  • When you are inside Rufus choose the USB device you prefer to install in windows with the “Device” box.

  • After that press “Select” and then point Rufus to the windows ISO.

  • Press the “Image option” box and choose the “Image option” box.

  • Now press the “Partition Scheme” and choose MBR. After that press the “Target System” and choose ‘BIOS or UEFI.”.

  • Press the start button after you have completed.

  • Now Rufus will start to format your drive and will install the windows.

  • Wait for the process to get completed.

  • Then safely remove the USB drive from the PC and you can boot it on any PC you prefer.

  • After you are at the computer you can launch the copy of the windows. But first, you have to reboot and go to the BIOS. Then select the option to boot off the USB device.

Method 2 – Get Windows Drive with WinToUSB

Firstly, you have to download and install the WinToUSB. It will have a free version. After you have installed it you can launch it. After the WinToUSB opens you will get two choices. Also, you can transfer the current system to the USB or you can select a new copy of windows too in the ISO. But to clone, you will require a large USB drive. It has to be equal to your computer space. Follow the steps below for the process.

  • Press the icon that appears like a file with a magnifying glass in the upper right-side corner.

  • Then go to the Windows iso file. Then you will see the windows version you will get a key. Press Next.

  • After that choose the USB drive.

  • You will get a warning and formatting dialog. There is no issue with it. It appears if you are using a slow US drive. But you can ignore it and continue.

  • Then choose “MBR for BIOS” option and click Yes.

  • The WinToUSB will run the installation and after that, you will get the prompt.

  • Next, safely remove the USB stick.

  • When you are using the computer, you have to launch a copy of windows. Then you have to reboot and get the BIOS.

  • After that select the option to boot off the USB device.

Make use of computer stick when the monitor is available

You will require a computer when you are away from home. Also, that computer must allow you to boot with the USB devices. This is sometimes not possible. If you find out that the USB option is not available you can use the monitor with HDMI, mouse and keyboard with Intel Compute Stick.

You can plug the computer Stick into the HDMI port. It can run a complete copy of 32-bit Windows. Also, they will contain USB ports. Further, they make use of the weak processor that has 32 or 64 GB storage. But they have limits. With the help of a mouse, keyboard and monitor you can begin the process. So this method will be useful if you do not want to use a USB. Also, plan accordingly.

Ensure whether the hardware is available or not. Then you also have to know that windows may not run fast with the USB stick. It will not be the same as the normal internal drive. But you will get the settings and preferences you want and this will make your work easier.


These are the methods you can follow to run the portable versions of Windows. Therefore, follow it to make your life convenient.  

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