How to Share Song Lyrics from Apple Music on iPhone or iPad

Apple Music gives you attractive and nifty options to share the lyrics of your favorite song. You no longer have to share screenshots in order to share them on social media or with your pals. This music function of Apple has first launched in IOS and iPadOS 14.5 it alone works with songs that have time-synced lyrics in Apple Music.  The lyrics of the songs which are saved in the textual based content will scroll by default as the track performs.

Hence, it is obvious that the Apple Music lyric function will not work with the songs which do not have lyrics in the Apple Music.

Share Song Lyrics from Apple Music On iPhone and iPad

  • Simply open the music app on iPad and iPhone and play any song. The track will open like a mini player.

  • Now tap on the lyric icon which you will find at the bottom left.

applemusic lyrics iconapplemusic lyrics icon
  • Next, you will need to maintain and faucet the lyrics or paragraph on your display.

lyrics sharelyrics share
  • This will open for you the lyrics sheet, and the high portion will flash the lyrics you chose. However, Apple Music has a limit of sharing 150 characters of lyrics and you cannot share a single part of the song if you wish to highlight it in the song. Hence, if you wish to share any single line or any primary line of the song, you might not be able to do that collectively.

  • Tap on the traces number of the song lyrics. Once you select the component, it will appear as highlighted and the unselected ones will remain black and white.


However, if you wish to undo something, then faucet one more time.

Additionally, you might be able to scroll up and down to the part of the lyrics you chose, with a pop-up message which will ask you to replace the choice of the lyrics.


When you are done selecting the lyrics then you can share it with one of your contacts with options it gives you.


Once you send it to your contact you selected, the receiver will see a play icon below the lyrics, and that way he or she will be able to play the whole song.


Share Song Lyrics from Apple Music to Instagram

  • You may also share the lyrics on Instagram by simply selecting the Instagram option for sharing.

  • This will share as an Instagram story that you can also share with one of your followers particularly. Hence you will not have to give access to a microphone or digital camera in order to share it.

  • This way your followers can select the hyperlink that they will see at the top of the song, and play the whole song.

  • They will have to open the Apple Music to play the track or the music.


This way you will be able to share song lyrics from Apple Music on iPhone or iPad.


Sharing music can work in a number of ways, it can work as a stress buster, it can help you land the feelings you wish to share with someone. This way, imagine sharing the same kind of lyrics that has your heart in them if you share it can do wonders for you.

Remember to follow the simple steps so that it can work for as you imagine it to be.

However, there are different places you can share hence there will be different results. For example, if you wish to share the song and lyrics with a particular person then it is recommended to share it via messages. Therefore, if you wish to share it with the audience you have or the followers you have, maybe to cheer them up or any reason for, then you should go for Instagram sharing.

These methods are totally easy and hassle free. You won’t have to think twice to share because it does not carry any problem while sharing, like lagging or anything.

We hope that this method works for you, and if it has worked for you then do not forget to share it with your friends or pals, and the ones you like! Because as it helped you it might also help others. Thank you for reading our blog, enjoy the Music!

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