How to Speed Up A Slow Mac or MacBook

It is no wonder that we admire Apple computers but sometimes even Mac systems can go slow down over time. As our requirements for apps and other downloads continue to increase, they also require a greater amount of system resources to work properly. if you wonder that it is never possible to slow down a mac system or Macbook, then you are wrong. Because it is possible to slow down your Mac system if you keep adding the software and other things.

Yes, it is important to identify the corrupt files which might cause the issue; however, your mac system’s slow performance can have a different root cause.

There are easier methods to solve this issue instead of spending too much money to buy a new computer.

However, if you try these steps your Mac system will be faster than before.

1. Keep Restarting it at regular intervals

However, it is very easy to leave your mac system without shutting it down. Because it is usually ready once you are ready, and that is the greatest attraction the mac system has. However, considering restarting your computer after saving your information gives the RAM a fresh new start. It helps the system boost up again and resolve the lagging issues.

2. Limiting the Opened Apps

If you leave multiple apps opened it will occupy valuable RAM resources. So, when you are multitasking your RAM is spread out to multiple programs, or the operations going on within the apps.  You can go for the memory upgradation as it can increase the number apps when you are multitasking and will not affect the RAM.

3. Remove unused Apps

Adding more software will not cure the speed of your mac system, as it is already slowed down because of so many things you have installed in it. However, there are some software that might slightly speed up the mac system.

However, these will not solve the root issue in fact can give you drastic change in the performance.

Therefore, if you are still using hard drive and not using SSD then consider removing the apps you no longer make sue of in order to free up the space. SSDs are much faster than hard drives.

4. Lessen the number of apps in your Dock

Every application that you are having in the Dock requires data that comes from the system resources hence it can access faster rather than finding it in the “Finding Window”

Hence, if your system is full of the software and apps, it is a rapid way to give it more space. 

5. Remove the Screen Saver

Well, everyone likes to show off a bit, so we put our pictures as wallpaper that keeps changing for every 5 minutes. This activity can highly slow down the system.

6. Upgrade your memory

An upgradation in the memory RAM is important for improving running the faster app and all over the system. Also, you can multitask with ease. Did you know every computer operation depends on memory? Therefore, it is important to have as much memory as possible. This is why upgradation in the memory is important and the best way to improve mac performance. The Mac system does not come with the max memory so this is a good deal to keep filing it with the highest memory possible.

7. Replace your Hard Drive HDD with SSD

If the apps on your computer are running out of resources to run with optimal speed. The cure is to go for more resources. Software feeds on the hardware which is the source of the computer performance, and this is when it signals you to make a change. Therefore, the problem is not with your mac in fact, the problem is with the system’s components which are really easy to fix.

Therefore, upgrading your hardware is the root cure instead of downloading third party software which promises to upgrade the system’s performance. However, it is your wish to download that software but you will not get any performance upgrade which would long last, if fact, you will end up being frustrated. Therefore, consider this method it will rejuvenate your mac system that will last long.

8. Stay Updated

So, if you keep updating the versions of the app it will not just provide you with the latest features but also help your slow Mac system to improve in the performance, which uses more resources of the system.  Therefore, if you will have the maximum amount of RAM and SSD you will be able to run them faster and update them faster.

9. If you want, use Disk Utility

Disk utility is kind of a first aid which will even alert you if your disk is going to fail, on the other hand can also repair a few disk problems.

10. iTunes Collection

iTunes collects apps that you install on your IOS device. Therefore, you can use the Reduce Clutter tools in order to remove the apps you do not use any longer. however, it is recommended to do this within iTunes, as this way you can better know which app you no longer use. It is a bit time taking but it is curable.

11. Web Browser

Mail applications and web browsers can be lagging the system a lot. When you are opening any activity in the browser with that also open Activity Monitor in order to analyze which of the activity is taking much of your time being opened. The best thing you can do is to quit your browser when you are no longer using it. Also keep a check on the tab you are opening one after the other, only use those tabs which you are using, so your system’s performance does not go down.

12. Emails

After sometime mails from Apple can be irritating, however if you are someone who is using the same account for the mails then it might lag the system. Because once the mail hangs it will by default slow down the whole system. Therefore, there are three things you try:

> Delete- Empty spam, delete items that you do not need.

> Rebuild- Mailbox and then Rebuild, however the operation might take some time to complete it.

> Reindex- Reindex it to have a better performance.

13. Reinstall OS X

When everything tried did not work, the confer reinstalled the OS. however, make sure you have kept everything in the back up before you reinstall the OS. also make sure to note down your Wi-Fi password before you start doing the reinstallation. And then follow these instructions.

We hope this article helps you in running your mac faster and giving it a better performance. If you like it do share it among your pals to help them as well. Thank you, Stay Updated!

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