How Your iCloud Can Be Hacked and How to Protect It

There are many iPhone users all over the world. They store their data in Apple’s iCloud. Therefore, it contains all their data. That is the reason why many hackers try to hack it. They want to acquire all the information in for misusing it. The hackers are very clever as they easily hack into iCloud accounts and the user may not be aware of it. So here you will know how iCloud Account Hacked and how to protect them. This will help you to avoid keeping your account open for attack. There are many things you can do to protect it. Hence you can safeguard all your personal details.

How can you protect your iCloud?

Steer clear of phishing attempts

The phishing messages are fake but they appear legitimate. These messages contain the security measures to secure your iPhone. But they are the ones who will pose a threat. Also, they will claim to be from Apple, Google and other legitimate sources. The message will ask you to Click Now. Further, they will also ask for your personal information. But if you click their messages, they can easily access all your data. Then your iPhone will be under their control.

These are the phishing attempts used by hackers. Their messages might even say “We’ve recently detected suspicious activity in your iCloud account. Use this form to reset your password”. So, whenever the messages regarding safety and security come in your iPhone check if it is from a reliable source or not. Therefore, this is one of the processes for iCloud Account Hacked and how to protect it.

Take care of email address

email address securityemail address security

You have to keep a private email address so the dangerous organisations will not send you a malicious link. If you click this link then they can acquire all your private information. So having a private email is good if you want to avoid becoming the target of spyware attacks. Firstly, you have to use a separate email address for it promotional and business purposes. Also, you have to avoid opening emails that look suspicious to you. Only share your email with the people whom you trust. Further, you have to enable the two-factor authentication for your email account.

Try updating the iPhone passcode

iPhone PasscodeiPhone Passcode

The iPhone passcode you have is a numerical code. You have to use a six-digit code to keep it safe as it is difficult to crack. But to increase the protection you have to use letters as well as numbers. This is known as the alphanumeric code. Then this will make it hard for the hackers to guess the passcode. But you have to remember your passcode because then you have to create a new one again.

Create strong passwords

Sometimes we can be lax when creating passwords. Then it will be easy for hackers to crack. That is why for all your different accounts on your iPhone you have to create a strong password. Then write down the passwords in a notebook so you will not forget them. If an account has all your valuable data, then this account must be protected well with a strong password. Use the combination of lower- and upper-case letters and also the special characters. Also, you have to avoid terms in the personal password. For instance, do not use your favourite colour, pet name and school name.

Perform the two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication is one of the settings that will make your account secure. It is a verification process that asks for your permission if there is any activity in your account. The Apple Company introduced the 2FA in 2016 and it is securing the accounts of the people since. So do a two-factor authentication to protect your account. Whenever you login to your account you will get a unique code on your phone. Without the code, you cannot login. Therefore, if a hacker tries to enter your account they will get locked out as they cannot get the unique code.

Use Find My feature

If you activate this option in your iPhone then you can easily find out your device if it gets lost or stolen. So, if a person tries to use your iPhone after stealing it then they cannot use it. You can use the find my settings to block anyone from using the iPhone. Also, you can erase the data on your iPhone using the Find My feature. Through this can be safe when iCloud Account Hacked and how to protect it.

Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks 

Everybody likes to use free Wi-Fi connections. But it can be risky because any hacker can access your information through Wi-Fi.  So, the best thing you can do is to avoid using the network offered in public places. This will help you with iCloud Account Hacked and how to protect it.


These are the ways that will help your iCloud account stay safe and secure. Therefore, no hacker will be able to access your personal information. 

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