Best 10 Tips and Tricks to Make Android Faster and Improve Performance

Android is the most useful thing these days. People mostly like the features and services of Android. After that, there some forms of things that keep happening in the android that is problematic. In short, you will get the solutions to most of the problems that slow down the working capacity of your android. After that, following these will be of great help to you, and go to this website to hire an expert android app developer.

1. Remove the apps that you do not use

For instance, none of us likes to fill up our homes with useless stuff. Also, we tend to discard them as far as is possible. Then why do we not apply this strategy to the apps and stuff in our android phones? For instance, these tend to become the main reasons for slowing down the performance of Android. In addition, these tend to keep most of the space of your phone in their control. Also, these do not let the speed of performance keep at a normal level. Therefore, deleting apps that you no longer use or use very often is better to increase the speed of android.

2. Keep cleaning the cache and junk files regularly


Most of us do not know that android apps keep collecting too much cache when we use them. All of them need to be cleaned very often. Therefore, these junk files are the reasons your phone tends to lag. After that, these take up too much space and decrease the performance of your phone. At least, try cleaning up these in a month to make your android work faster. You can even go to this website to hire an expert android app developer.

3. Keep cleaning the system memory

You may not know much about this but the system memory also fills up every time new things arrive. However, we never tend to realize it. This is because we never pay attention to what our phone suffers from. This becomes the major reason behind our phones lagging in terms of performance. Therefore, cleaning up the system is very needful.

4. Keep your phone up to date

Keeping your phone up to date and refreshing the apps regularly will help a lot. After that, this helps improve performance and use the best version of the apps present. However, if your phone is quite old of around 5 to 7 years, updating it would only harm it. Keep a check over the performance of your android before and after updating the apps in it. Avoid installing the heavy game and useless apps.

5. Format the SD card of your phone regularly


You must keep formatting the android you use regularly. This will help and give it a good storage room. In addition, the performance also would not lag. Therefore, formatting it from time to time is also important when it comes to getting good services. SD card works as the key to keeping all of the files and documents of your phone secure. Therefore, it must be very good and have good space. For this, you just need to keep deleting bigger files and keep only the useful ones with you.

6. Restart it very often

Just restart your phone I the only things it needs. After continuous work of the entire day, it needs some space and time to relax too. Restarting it does this all and improves app usage. Therefore, you need to keep a watch on such things. For instance, if you tend to keep your android switched off overnight, it will be very good for it. This way, it gets a lot of time to relax in one go. However, keep in mind the different things it needs from time to time. Maintaining it is not that easy sometimes.

7. Remove keeping too many apps on the home screen

Having many apps on the home screen only increases trauma. Therefore, you need to keep it as much cleaner as possible. This will help it function well for a long. Also, it would not need further maintenance this way. Above all, keep the gallery of your phone clean. Phone gallery, when filled with too many photos, etc. eats up too mu hoof space and slows down.

8. Avoid having an animated background

This may sound weird but the animated background of your home screen takes a lot of space. Rather, keeping it simple and obsolete works well. Above all, animated backgrounds attract a lot of virus-filling risks. Therefore, try keeping it simple.

9. Root your phone

Root Android PhoneRoot Android Phone

Helping to root your android regularly is the solution to many slow-down problems. For instance, this is a great way to take care of the health of your android. This also keeps away the damage it takes all through the day.  

10. Take help by applying a third-party launcher

This may not be the best way but works really well. When it comes to managing and controlling the limitless heat that your android catches when you use it for very long, apply for a third-party launcher. For instance, it will help you secure many apps at a particular place. After that, it does not take into account the functioning of your phone. Above all, you need not roam here and there for getting an app timely by following this strategy.


In conclusion, improving the performance and speed of your android is very easy by following the above strategies. You need to take care of your android the same way you care for your own self. In addition, it does not demand too much of your time. Just be careful of the apps you install, avoid fake and heavy RAM ones. This will keep away from the problems it mostly faces. The heating up of android is also kind of a problem that needs attention. Henceforth, keep in touch with the right ways of handling it and I will definitely serve you well.

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