Biomutant Post-Release Patch Improve Pacing

Biomutant is a well-known action role-playing game created by the Swedish developer Experiment 101. The publishers of this company are THQ Nordic. Also, the game was released on 25 May 2021 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. In the other consoles, the game is going to release soon. The excellent trailer of the game stirred the interests and expectations of the gamers. Many were eager to play the game. But after the game got released it met with only little success. Many gamers found the story tedious and some bugs too. Therefore the developers promised a new patch to improve the game and correct all the wrongs. You can find all the details about it here.

When will the patch improve pacing release?

This week the art and creative director for Biomutant Stefan Ljungqvist and THQ’s community manager discussed the game’s patch improvements. They posted on Reddit about certain updates. But they did not offer any timeline for it. They posted the patches and fixes they are working on to correct the bugs in the game. Also, there was an official announcement about this topic.

The official page of Biomutant shared that they have gathered all the feedback and are working towards fixing all the bugs. They teased about a new patch for the Biomutant. The patch is named patch 1.4.

Now the wait is over. Patch 1.4 is active but only for PC games. For the other consoles, the patch will get released in the future dates. They will receive an update in a week. Therefore if you are playing the game on your PC check out the patch updates.

What are the fixes in patch 1.4 of Biomutant?

The developers were ready to fix all the bugs found by the gamers. They were quick to sort out the issue from the feedback they received. For the most part, the game only received negative feedback. So the developers had a lot on their heads to fix the bugs. These are some of the fixes that are part of patch 1.4.

Biomutant -frizztechBiomutant -frizztech

The pacing has improved so there is more quickness in the Biomutant game. There are also shorter dialogues as the gamers found the story to be tedious. Also, there is number of loot of enemies than before to improve the action factor.

Some of the graphical issues have got fixed.

  • Additional settings are available now.

  • There is an addition of extreme difficulty setting.

  • New game plus for the players to choose and play.

  • Extra features in the game added.

  • There is a drop in the item rate in items and loot.  More rarity items available.

  • The sounds effects are added.

  • There is a lot of fixes in combat.

  • Numerous fixes in the quest and achievements.

  • Minor adjustments in the user interface.

  • There are adjustments and fixes in the game world found by the players.

  • Lots of bug errors are fixed.

The excellent development in combat

Most importantly the post-launch patch has developed the combat in the game. Lots of melee, attachments, and handles are increased to 5%. This is because the players found the combat to be very slow and boring. Now they can find lots of attacks as the loot enemies numbers have increased. Further, the animations are slower now so the players can dodge the enemy grabs. Also the Sifus Tribe and Lupa Lupine in the last encounter will be more serious than before. So the end battle will be more interesting. The difficulty levels are increased. Also, there is a less slow-motion camera at the end of each fight.


he right time for you to play the Biomutant. The new patch release will make your game experience enjoyable. 

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