Decision: Red Daze is Coming To PC in 2022

The developer FlyAnvil is going to launch a great survival tower defense ARPG that will take place in a strange world. The title of this video game is Decision: Red Daze which will release on Steam in 2022. Also, the gamers can experience the game in a new tower defense environment. The inhabitants of the game become affected by a strange disease that changes them into monsters. So, it is up to the player to save the day and also escape from the infection. This amazing game is going to mix RPG mechanics with survival defense. Further, you can find lots of amazing details of this survival game here.

The trailer of Decision: Red Daze

You can find the trailer of the Decision: Red Daze on Youtube. In the trailer, you can see a wilderness that is replete with danger. You can get glimpses of the game setting and gameplay in the trailer. Further, the game will offer RPG experience along with tower defence mechanics. There is ruin and garbage everywhere as civilisation is slowly crumbling because of the disease Red Daze. Also, you can find the humans who have turned into ravenous monsters. Therefore, have a look at the amazing trailer.

What can you expect from the game?

1. The gameplay

The game is filled with horrific places and enemies. It is a world where you have to survive without getting eaten or hit by the plague called Red Daze. Only the main player can save the world from getting wholly destroyed. Also, he has to find a way to stop the spread of the deadly disease. Then along with that he has to fight the monsters.

To survive the game, you as a player have to create allies in the game who will assist you in your mission. The deadly disease Red Daze is rampant everywhere and you have to search for a way to cleanse it. As a player you will get the task of assembling Survivors and Specialists who will come with a set of useful skills. Therefore, you will be able to control them and give them work. Along with them, you will go on missions to survive the Red Daze.

The main dangers are the people who are infected by the Red Daze. They turn into terrible monsters who hunt for prey. Their main prey is humans. So using your team you have to ward off the monsters and defend your settlements. You can use many weapons for fighting and defending.

2. The setting

The world in Decision: Red Daze is huge. You can find lots of places to explore. Some places are safe to settle so you can live for some time in these places with your team. As a main player you will have lots of freedom. You can assemble the team and also control the people in the world. Also, if you enjoy survival zombie games you will find this game interesting. There is a lot of action with gory details. It is a challenge to fight with the monsters that will do anything to enter your settlements and attack your people and you.


These are the great features of the upcoming Decision: Red Daze. Stay tuned for this action-packed survival game.

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