Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris: Latest Rewards and Map Rotation for June 2021

Destiny 2 is a famous free-to-play first-person shooter video game created by Bungie. The players have to take up the role of a Guardian and must protect the earth from alien races. In the game, the mode called Trails of Osiris got reintroduced after a long time on June 4. If you want to know more about the Trails of Osiris mode then you are in the right place. Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris is particular lore so to play it you have to know all the details about it. It is the highest PvP content in the game. This Player VS Player mode will have the teams fighting to get to the Flawless. Great rewards are waiting for the teams that win. Therefore, here is all the information about Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris.

What is in Trails of Osiris?

The players taking part in Trails of Osiris can lose a match. But if they lose many matches then they can get ejected. Also, the players can play in Trails of Osiris because it offers good rewards. If you want to make use of the chance then you have to know that it is a weekend-only activity. Therefore, you will not be able to play it all the time as the weekly reset will take place every Tuesday.

Also, there is one popular fan theory that states that the lighthouse present in the mode is drawing The Darkness. So, it will lead to the plotline of Beyond Light.

The maps and rewards in Trials of Osiris

The map for this week is Distant Shore. Here are the rewards you will get when you win the tasks.

  • 3 Wins (Powerful)

  • 5 Wins (Powerful)

  • 7 Wins (Pinnacle)

  • Flawless (Pinnacle)

Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Latest Rewards and Map Rotation- frizztechDestiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Latest Rewards and Map Rotation- frizztech

We will keep on updating the rewards as we get them. But here are the last week’s rewards for your information.

  • 3 Wins (Powerful) – Shayura’s Wrath (SMG)

  • 5 Wins (Powerful) – Pyrrhic Cloak

  • 7 Wins (Pinnacle) – Sola’s Scar (Sword)

  • Flawless (Pinnacle) – Adept Exile’s Curse (Fusion Rifle)

Know about the Weekly Bounties

The weekly bounties for June 4 have not yet arrived but here you can know what to expect if you are going to take part in the Trials of Osiris. These were the last week’s bounties.

1. Trial of Decryption

You have to collect the Trials Engrams before it ends this week.

  • Cost- 1000 Glimmer

  • Requirement – 3 Progress

  • Reward – 5 Trials Token and XP & Glimmer & 35 Valor Rank Progress

2. End Game

You can defeat the opponents using the Arc damage present in Trails of Osiris.

  • Cost – 1000 Glimmer

  • Requirement – 100 Progress

  • Reward – 5 Trials Token & 1 Trials Engrams and XP & Glimmer & 35 Valor Rank Progress

The weekly callout map of Trails of Osiris

If you need help while playing the Trails of Osiris then you can get it from Twitch streamer Relikt. He is a great graphic designer so he has created a callout map. You and your squad can use the maps to face the challenges in the Trails of Osiris.

How can you take part in Trails of Osiris?

It is not easy for the starters to take part in the Trails at one go. First, you have to go to Power 1210. Then after you have reached 1010, you have to go to Saint-14 living in the Tower Hangar. Also, you have to talk with him. He is the vendor of Trails in Destiny 2. Further, you can collect the bounties from him related to your tasks in the Trails and then complete them for which you will get rewards. Think of it as a sort of practice before you take part in the real Trails. The only thing good thing you can do in Trails is winning.

The passages in Trails of Osiris

The passages in Trails can be acquired from Saint-14. These are important to count your wins and losses. Here are the five passages that you can choose from.


This passage will get unlocked after seven wins. It offers Bonus XP from Trials wins.


This passage can forgive the player of one loss per run.


This offers the bonus reward from the flawless chest. The player can unlock it after going Flawless once.


This passage increases the drop rate of Trial tokens.


If the player gets zero losses, then the third winner will offer them a bonus win.


These are the latest updates of rewards and maps in Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris. Therefore, take part in the Trails and boost your gaming wins.

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