Details About Two Point Campus Leaked the Game from the Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a well-known business simulation game from 2018 created by Two Point Studios. The publishers of this game are Sega who developed it for Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. The game adopts some comical ailments as they wanted the players to enjoy the game. There is a whole empire of doctors and hospitals in the game. That is why it is one of the famous games in the market and also the most downloaded game. Now the creators of Two Point Hospital are working on another project. It is called a Two Point campus. It is going to be similar to the Two Point Hospital. Some of the information about this new game has leaked. Know about all the information here.

When will the Two Point Campus release?

There is no release date given for the Two Point Campus. Only a little information got leaked about the game. Then it disappeared after some time from the site that leaked the information. Therefore now we do not have any idea about the game’s release date. We have to wait till we get any official news.

What do we know about Two Point Campus?

There are several photos leaked about the Two Point Campus. There were pictures of an excellent campus. The players will have to manage the college or university campus. Also, there are many activities the players can do in the Two Point Campus. So instead of a hospital, the player now has to play in a college campus filled with many exciting things to do. Here on this campus many doctors and nurses will get trained to work in Two Point Hospital.

Many of the features we saw in the Hospital will be available in the Two Point Campus. But the creators are promising new things in the game too. Also, we have to wait for more updates on this news.

In the leaked pictures of the new game, there were pictures of pizza cooking in the college canteen. Some of the buildings on the campus were Hogwarts themed. It was really good to see the pictures and it will be more exciting to play in this simulation game. The classrooms designed for aspiring doctors and nurses are beautiful.

What was the specialty of Two Point Hospital?

The two Point Hospital game is similar to the themes in Theme Hospital. In this simulation game, the players will take up the role of hospital manager who has to construct and maintain the hospital. Some of the tasks in this game are building the rooms needed in the hospital. Also, the staffs have to satisfy the hunger and the thirst of the patients. Some of the additional rooms in the hospital are toilets, cafes, staff rooms and more.

The player has to work towards making the hospital a well-organised one. The patients will come with comical conditions such as “Light-Headedness” which means that they will have a light on their heads. Some of the patients may die and they will become ghosts and they will start to terrorise the doctors and the staffs. The janitors with the ghost capture skill will deal with them. 

What will be the features available in Two Point Campus?

Two Point Campus will also have the same features as that of the Hospital. The player has to take care of the campus and will work towards making it successful. They will have to look after the students by providing them with food, offering them good lessons and more. There is a cafeteria on the campus where a large pizza is always cooking. Also, there are lots of excellent chefs on the campus who will cook delicious dishes.

Everything must happen on time in the campus. All the classes and other events must happen according to the schedule. If there are any issues then the staff will deal with it. According to the performance of the player in all these areas, they will get scores. If the faculty members or staffs are not happy with their job they might quit. So the player has to keep the staffs happy by offering them good prestige levels.


This is the information we know about the Two Point Campus. The new game will get released soon but we have to wait till we get more updates from the creators.

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