Dragon Age 4 And The Future Of Thedas

Dragon Age is a well-known fantasy role-playing video game. The developer is BioWare. Also, this game takes place on a fictional island called Thedas. The first game in the game series is titled Dragon Age: Origins. It became an instant success. Then the sequel released with the title Dragon Age II. After that, the third installment got launched titled Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now there are talks of a fourth installment so the gamers are really excited about it. It will tell us more about Dragon Age 4 And The Future Of Thedas. Here we have gathered information about it. You can read it and find out about what we can expect from the fourth installment.

What is Dragon Age about?

Dragon Age 4 frizztechDragon Age 4 frizztech

The Dragon Age Franchise is set on an island called Thedas. It consists of many clans and nations inhabited by different humanoid people. One of the conflicts in the game is the power struggles between the nations and also some internal rifts. The first series of the game dealt with the legendary order of warriors who are called Grey Wardens. Their goal is to save the kingdom of Ferelden from the Darkspawn. They are monsters who are basically subterranean.

Further, the second instalment was about the eldest child of the Hawke family who is a refugee of the Blight. Then he becomes the Champion of Kirkwall. After that the third instalment Dragon Age: Inquisition was about an organisation called Inquisition that tries to restore peace and order in Thedas from the demons that come from another realm.

What can we expect from Dragon Age 4 And The Future Of Thedas?

According to the details revealed by various sources, the fourth instalment of Dragon Age is going to take the gamers to places never seen before in the game. The place we are going to explore is Tevintar. The interesting characters that we saw in the previous instalments will come back again. For instance, Fenris who is a character that appeared in Dragon Age 2 may appear again. He is an escaped slave and his people are facing horrors because of the magic-wielding ministers. Further, we saw another interesting character Dorian Pavus in the third instalment. He is a good man who tries to make his countrymen see the flaw in the system. Also, he was the victim of a blood ritual organised by his father. This is because Tevintar does not accept homosexual relationships.

We also are well acquainted with the character Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi who is a transgender soldier. He is a character stuck between the slaves and the elite. Then he is also chased by Tevintar because he is different from what they want to be.

Therefore, in the previous instalments, we saw the characters from Tevintar who painted a clear picture of how horrific the place is. Also, we got some details about Antiva through assassin Zevran who drew the narrative of how bad it is.

That is why many gamers are waiting for the fourth instalment to release. Many loose ends left in the game will get tied in season 4. We will learn about the new places with their beliefs and traditions in Dragon Age 4 And The Future Of Thedas.

Dragon AgeDragon Age

The Dragon Age developers released a concept art about the Mortalitasi companion so they may be a key character in the Dragon Age 4.

Is there is a trailer?

During The Game Awards 2020, a trailer released that showed the innards of Tevinter. The trailers teased sky-crested buildings which looked magical. That is why the Dragon Age 4 And The Future Of Thedas is going to be splendid. Stay tuned for further teaser trailers from the developers.


Dragon Age 4 is going to be a great treat to the fans. It will be really enjoyable for the fans of Dragon Age series.

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