Fall of the Mountain King Board Game Up on Kickstarter

Fall of the Mountain King Board Game is a popular board game. The players will be able to get inside a world filled with magic and fantasy in the game. Also, the medieval theme of the game will make you fall in love with it. The game consists of collapsed tunnels and you will also be able to carve the great halls. You can raise the ruins of the castles of the ancestors in the game. The gameplay follows the innovative cascading production so the timing and the tactics are important in the game. Further, the inspiration behind the game is orchestral music written by Edvard Grieg in 1875. It was written for a fantasy play that is about a Troll King Peer Gynt.  You can play the game now from Kickstarter. Know all the details about it here.

How many players can take part?

In the Fall of the Mountain King Board Game, 2 to 5 people can take part. So, friends and families can play the game together. They can take on quests and finish the obstacles.

What is the plot of the game?

The Fall of the Mountain King Board Game has a backstory. A war happened generations ago. The trolls in the game have survived the war but they are driven out from their ancestor home because of the war. They have been wandering in the wilderness and surviving with less food and water. But now they have got a way to go back home. As there is no soul of the residents in the mountain it has collapsed. It has driven the enemies who tried to occupy it. Therefore, the trolls feel that their home is calling them. Now they have started their journey. By the claw and by hammer and by sweat and by song the trolls will go back home to start their life anew.

What is the gameplay of the game?

As the leader, the player has to gather the trolls from the clans of Mud, Fire, Ice, and Moon. You have to dig tunnels clad in stone, iron and hearthstone. Then you can also design the galleries as great halls. Also, you can unearth the ancient statues using the clans who are trying to return to their homeland. The many groups of trolls will try to go back to the mountains so the kingdom will become mightier. Then the leader at last will get crowned as the Mountain King.

Each player will take up the role of Troll in the Fall of the Mountain King Board Game. Then they will try to excavate the mountains and also work hard to get the honour points. The honour points can be earned by digging the tunnels and carving the great walls. You have to raise the lost statues of the ancestors and keep them back in the heart of the mountain.

The troll statue pieces will come with the game and also some crystals to place spells. These objects will help you to play the board game. You can dedicate the halls and dig tunnels in the game by recruiting a troll. Then at the end of the game, you will be able to score the honour points for the tunnels.


Fall of the Mountain King is a great board game. You can find many exciting things to do in the game.

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