How to Have Your Emails Read Aloud in Outlook on iPhone, iPad, and Android

If you get lots of emails then it will be difficult for you to read every one of them all the time. But there is a way to simplify your workload. You can make your Emails Read Aloud in Outlook on your iPhone. The Cortana will help you by reading all your messages you. So, whenever you are traveling or doing any other work you can listen to your emails and can always be up to date. That is why Outlook is a well-known electronic mail app. It offers lots of flexibility and options for you to customize your emails. Here you can know how to have your emails read aloud in Outlook on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Switch on Play my Emails on Microsoft Outlook

If you want to make your Emails Read Aloud in Outlook on iPhone, Android, and other devices then you have to first tap on your profile icon. Then at the bottom of the menu type the gear icon which will open the settings. Follow the steps below to successfully activate the play my email feature.

  • In the mail section, you have to choose “Play My Emails.”

  • Select the email account from your Mail accounts. After that toggle on Play My Emails.

  • Now you can make use of the feature with multiple Outlook accounts if you prefer.

  • Then in the Play Emails From option choose the emails that you want to listen to. You will be able to pick the Focused Inbox, Favorite Folders, or Favorite People.

  • In What to Play select whether you would like to hear only unread emails or all emails.

  • Click the arrow to return to the Play My Emails settings. Then you will be able to customize the extra options in the feature.

How to customize Play My Emails?

Connecting Phone to vehicle

Outlook Event Read on Mobile -frizzrtechOutlook Event Read on Mobile -frizzrtech

If you want to connect your phone to a vehicle then you have to click “Autoplay”. It will be available in the settings menu. After that, select action from the options Previous and Next. Now you will be able to play the previous and the recent emails. Also, you can invoke Cortana.

Make emails as read or unread

You can see the emails come as Read or Unread in the inbox. This will be easy for you if you prefer to read the messages on your own later. Therefore, select the Unread settings from this option so you can identify these emails.

Select Cortana sound

If you want the Cortana to sound in a particular way then you can choose from the masculine and feminine voice. There are a few options you can choose from.

Set daily reminders

You can plan daily reminders to listen to your emails. This setting will help you to listen to your emails at a specific time every day. For instance, you can have Emails Read Aloud in Outlook on your iPhone at night time. Also, there are options where you can customize the days you want to listen to emails. Click on each day’s initial for it to appear highlighted. Further, if you have Do Not Disturb activated on your device then you will not get the reminder.

These are some of the customization options you can enjoy in the Play My Emails feature.

Make use of Play My Emails in Outlook

If you are ready to use the Play My Emails in Outlook then click on your profile icon. In the menu, you can see “Play” click it. Now follow the steps below to use the feature.

  • The Outlook will use the Play My Emails mode and Cortana will begin to search for new emails. You can also see how many emails you have received and it will read it all to you clearly.

  • When you hear the messages there are several actions you can do. Have a look at them.

  • You can click Pause anytime you want. Then press Play to resume.

  • Choose the flag icon which will mark your email. Also, there is a box icon to archive it.

  • You can click right or left to move to the next email.

  • Click the microphone icon that will give Cortana the audio command. You will be able to say the commands like Delete, Skip, Mark as Read and more.

  • When the Cortana completes its work of reading all your emails then you can hear it saying you’re all caught up. Then you can click the X icon to go back to your inbox.


The Play My Emails feature is a great thing if you do not want to read your messages physically. Sometimes it can be too taxing for you to read the emails after a hard day at work. But you may not want to miss important emails. Therefore, during these hectic times, you can use Outlook which will read all your emails to you. Make use of the feature and enjoy.

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