How to install Spy Software on Cell Phone Remotely

There are lots of phone users all over the world. That means most of the people in a household have one. Sometimes we wish to know what the other person is doing on their phone. So, there is some spy software available which you can use to spy on other’s mobile. You can install spy software on your cell phone remotely. To get the spyware follow the process given here. You can install spy software and enjoy spying on other’s phones. You will find that there will be some complications when installing spyware remotely but when you follow the process properly then you will achieve it. Know all the details about it here.

How can you install spy software on a cell phone remotely?

Some ways will help you to remotely install spy software on your cell phone. But mostly it depends on the phone type. So, there are some things you have to keep in mind before installing and using the spyware.

If the target phone is an iPhone there are some spy apps you have to download to make the process easy. For instance, there is an app called mSpy. It is one of the well-known Spy apps. Here you can know how to install the spyware on iPhone as well as an Android phone.

How to install spy software on iPhone?

mspy iphonemspy iphone

Using the mSpy app you can monitor any iPhone device without the user detecting it. Here are the ways that will help you to download it.

Make an account

You can visit the mSpy website and open an account in it. You have to use your email to create an account.

Choose a plan and pay

After creating the account, you have to get a subscription plan. The mSpy spyware app will offer two different plans. One is the basic and the other is premium. So, select the plan you prefer and the features you want. You also have to make a payment in the app. Then after paying you will get the guidelines and the Control Panel sign.

Check if iCloud Backup is Activated

You have to activate the iCloud backup in the device you want to monitor. So, the only way to get the access is to get the iCloud login details.

Begin spying

If the above steps are over you can log into the dashboard and put the iCloud ID and password. Then your remote spying can begin after this. You can start by logging on to your dashboard. Then enter the iCloud ID and password of the phone you want to spy.

How to install spy software on an Android device?

It is also possible for you to install spy software on your Android phone. The Android works on a different operating system than an iPhone. So here the rules are different. You cannot use the mSpy or other spy software to get access to the phone you want to spy. But you have to do it with physical access. You have to install the spyware on Android. Then after the installation, you have to use the mSpy app to spy on the target phone without physical access.

Here is the way you can do it.

Create a plan or buy it

You have to create an account in mSpy and choose the subscription plan. There are two plans one of basic and one is premium. After you make the payment for the preferred plan then you will get a registration number, account, and login details.

Download the spyware app

This is where you will need physical access to the phone you want to spy. If you get hold of the phone do the things such as-

  1. Go to the settings and permit the installation of Unknown sources.

  2. Now download the app.

Install the mSpy

After you download the app then you have to start the installation process. You have to accept the license agreement after reading it. Also activate the “Update Service” at the time of the installation process. If you like to stay incognito when spying on the phone then select no display.

mSpy registration

This is the last step. After installing the spying app, you have to register.  You will get the input to enter the registration number. This is the number you will get after the first step in the process. So, enter this number and press Complete Registration. This will help you to install the mSpy on the phone. After this last step is over you can monitor your target Android phone anywhere.


Spying on some other’s phone is a tricky thing. You can get caught too. Therefore, be careful when you are doing it. You can know what your kids are doing on their phones and also your spouse by using spyware software. Also, these are useful when you want to keep tabs on others.

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