How to Mine Crypto And Earn Passive Income With Your Gaming PC

Many players spend lots of their time on Gaming PC. But what many do not know is that they can earn passive income with the gaming PC. Do you want to know about that? Then you are in the right place. You can mine crypto and earn passive income with your gaming PC. Yes, you heard it right. With the right kind of GPU, you can make some money. You will be able to earn £3 per day even when you use electricity. So as a video game lover, you can get a thrill out of the games and also earn money.  Therefore everybody wins with this plan. Know all the details about how you can mine crypto and earn passive income with your gaming PC here.

Know about Gamerhash

Have you heard about Gamerhash? It is a Polish Blockchain firm that began in 2017. The company has started an excellent blockchain-powered application that will help people to monetize the spare computing power of the computer. It will work as a self-financing supercomputer that is high-end.

Gamerhash is also similar to multi-currency mining pools. But when we look at it as a platform it is larger than other mining pools. Further its design is broader.

This platform provides a self-titled app that will examine the capabilities of your computer. Then it will offer the best way for the computer user to earn money. It will use the unused resources of the computer to mine crypto. Sounds great right!

mine crypto and earn passive incomemine crypto and earn passive income

The gamers will get daily income when they are playing games in their platform wallet. Also, you can spend the money you get in any way you want. For instance, you can use the earned bitcoin and keep it as an investment. Also, you could make use of the money to buy more games in the Gamerhash online store. If you want to buy groceries you can use the money. The list is endless. There are more than six hundred digital products in the store for you to purchase.

How to earn passive income with Gamerhash?

If you want to use Gamerhash then the starting process is easy. Follow the simple steps given here.

  • Visit the www.gamerhash.com site and register.

  • Then download the app from this website.

  • After that launch the installer and then follow the instructions on the screen.

  • When the installation is complete launch benchmarking process. The app will start to assess your system and will try to make it an earning computer.

  • There is no fee required upfront.

Now launch the app for use. It will start to redirect the excess power of your gaming PC and will make use of it to mine cryptocurrencies. Also, the app will find out the optimal cryptocurrency to mine by examining the resources available on the computer.

With the Gamerhash the computer will decide which of the 12 supported cryptocurrencies should have to get mined. For this process, the computer’s CPU and GPU will play an important role. So the GPU is an intelligent platform that will be able to calculate all the options and choose the most profitable one for you. This means that it can switch anytime to the assets that are essential for earning income. There is no extra configuration needed for this process to happen.

Know about the Payout option

The funds created through mining will automatically get created into bitcoins. Then it will deposit the bitcoins in your GamerHash BTC wallet every day. But your earning has to exceed 0.01 mBTC (0.00001 BTC) and this is equal to the amount of $3.9 currently.

Then in the Play and Earn Module the users will be able to make money by doing particular tasks. For instance, you can play games such as the new MMO game. Then you can download apps from the Gamerhash affiliate.

There are two wallets in Gamerhash-

GamerHash BTC Wallet

This is a default wallet in Gamerhash where the daily earnings will get deposited. This deposit happens at midnight every day. You can withdraw the fund to an external bitcoin wallet after it has collected 0.001 BTC or more.

GUSD Wallet

GUSD is a kind of native virtual token available in the ecosystem. The users who are earning money through the Play and Earn module get their earnings from the Play and Earn module. But currently, you cannot transfer the earnings from this wallet to the external wallet. You can make use of it to buy digital products from the GamerHash store.

There are a lot of well-known games in Gamerhash for you to play. Also, there are few products too. For instance, you can find Apple, Amazon, and eBay gift cards. This will help you to make purchases out of the platform. But you can use the money in the GUSD stash to purchase subscriptions in Netflix, Spotify, and Google Play. Also, you can get products from 9,500 grocery stores. Therefore with the Gamerhash you can mine crypto and earn passive income with your gaming PC

How much can you earn?

The size of the daily earnings will depend on the three factors. One is PC configuration the second is mining hash rate and the third is crypto exchange price. When your CPU and GPU are powerful then the earning rate is high. But if you are using ASICS hardware then there are no fees guaranteed. If you use Play and Earn module then the income relies on the number of activities you do in the game.

Passive Earn


These are the ways you can follow to mine crypto and earn passive income with your gaming PC. Therefore make money while playing games on your PC.

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