How to Turn iPhone, iPad, and Android into a Wireless Mobile Mouse

Do you know that you can use your iPhone, iPad, and Android into a wireless mobile mouse? You can do it without any installation processes. This setup can work for smart TVs, Windows, Macs, Chromebooks, and more. Here you can know how to turn iPhone, iPad, and Android into a wireless mobile mouse. The setting up process is easy. You can turn your mobile anytime into a wireless mouse. This is not a new idea but still many people are not aware of it. But you may require specific software for the phone to function as a mouse. Here is the process for you.

What are the apps you can use?

1. PC Remote

PC RemotePC Remote

This is a free app from Monect. It works well on the Windows PC and can turn your Android into a mouse. Also, it can turn the phone into a keyboard and game controller. You will be able to play games on your PC easily with this app. It will offer customized button layouts for you. Further, you can project images from your smartphone on your computer.

2. Unified Remote

Unified RemoteUnified Remote

This is an app developed by Unified Intents. It can work well with the Windows, Macs, and Linux systems. Also, there is both a free as well as a paid version of this app. The paid version comes with more advanced features. The free version has 18 remotes, multiple themes and also offers keyboard support. Then the paid version which costs $3.99 contains 40 premium remotes and has the features to create customized remotes. Also, the premium version comes with screen mirroring on PCs, Macs, and Android devices. You can do voice control with the apps Wear and Tasker.

3. Remote Mouse

Remote mouseRemote mouse

This is a free app that also contains in-app purchases. It works well with the systems such as PCs, Macs, and Linux. This app offers a touchpad that can control the computer with swipe motions. Also, you can find an on-screen keyboard. This will help you to adjust the sensitivity and can also speed up things. So you will get the feeling of using a real mouse every time you use the phone because of this app.

The features of mobile mouse apps

  • You can easily shut down, restart and log off or you can put the computer to sleep using the mobile mouse apps.

  • Will be able to launch applications.

  • You can move the mouse cursor by just shaking the phone in the air.

  • You can switch on and off certain features.

  • Make use of the physical volume button in the mobile to change the volume of the computer.

  • In this way, you can make use of the mobile mouse apps Turn iPhone, iPad, and Android into a wireless mobile mouse.

Know how to turn the phone into a wireless mobile mouse

How to Turn iPhone, iPad, and Android into a wireless mobile mouse--frizztechHow to Turn iPhone, iPad, and Android into a wireless mobile mouse--frizztech

If you want to Turn iPhone, iPad, and Android into a wireless mobile mouse successfully then follow the steps given here. The desktop app and the mobile app have to work together for this process to work.

  • First of all, install the PC server software. Then follow the instructions on the screen or the wizard.

  • Then install the mobile app that will enable the phone to act as a mouse.

  • Now connect devices to the same internet connection.

  • Next select your activity that may include File manager, media and games.

After you have followed the steps above the desktop app can be seen on the menu bar. You will be able to modify the settings in the mobile app and also toggle between the activities. Now slide the fingers to navigate around the screen such as pinch and zoom, click right and left using gestures.

When you are at home then you can use the mobile mouse to listen to music or videos. If you use many devices then different people can act as DJ. Then if you are at work instead of using many devices you can just use your smartphone and PC. But you have to connect them to the same Wi-Fi connection. Also, you can use the mobile mouse for presentations. Therefore, in this way you can Turn iPhone, iPad, and Android into a wireless mobile mouse.

Benefits of using the phone as a wireless mouse

When you connect the smartphone to your wireless mouse then you can do many functions easily. You can control the music and video playbacks with your mobile mouse. Also, you will be able to write down quick notes and do more. You can mirror the screens with the mobile mouse. Also, if you find that your laptop touchpad is not working properly then you can use your mobile mouse as a substitute.


These are the ways you can use the mobile to make it work as a wireless mouse. Therefore, use this feature to make your work easy.

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