How to Turn off Amazon Sidewalk on Your Connected Devices

Do you use Echo Studio, Ring Floodlight Cam, or Echo Dot? Then with Amazon, you can introduce these devices to a great network called the Sidewalk. It helps to extend the range of devices with low bandwidth. Therefore it is a great feature if you have a low network. According to the information from Amazon if you use Amazon Sidewalk on Your Connected Devices it helps the devices to stay online. The feature launches on June 8th. Then it will automatically connect with all the eligible devices. But many people have questioned how the device can affect privacy. You can know all the details about Amazon Sidewalk here.

What is an Amazon Sidewalk Bridge?

Amazon Sidewalk Bridge will basically work as a bridge that will fill the gaps in your home internet connection. For that, it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and also the 900MHz radio spectrum. Further, they use for low power wireless connections.

It is similar to the Zigbee and Z-Wave which are low power protocols for the smartphone. But for these, you require a smart hub. On the other hand, when you use Amazon Sidewalk it is always present. It is a low energy network which you can use in any place in your house. If you bridge the Sidewalk it will become active and the wireless signals that pass will reach the sidewalk enabled devices. They are termed the Sidewalk Endpoint. Also, the Sidewalk will assist you to connect with new Amazon products. There are many devices available that are Amazon Sidewalk enabled.

How Amazon Sidewalk Works?

The Amazon Sidewalk is going to release in the market after the tech giant Amazon tested it for many years. The new feature is set to launch on June 8. Also, it will keep the devices like Echo, Ring and other devices connected to the low range internet even if the internet service is down. Your devices will get automatically enrolled on this feature. But there is a way for you to switch it off too.


The Amazon Sidewalk works by creating a series of mini mesh networks. This means that the devices can stay connected even when they are away from the router. Also, they can even stay online if the internet is down. So to make this possible the Amazon Sidewalk uses Bluetooth and the unused parts of wireless. The Ring cameras and the echo speakers will act as the main bridges for the Sidewalk. If your ring camera is quite far away from the main router then the Sidewalk will be able to reach it. It will reach it by connecting with the device that is closer to the ring camera.

How to Turn off Amazon Sidewalk on Echo and Ring Devices?

Amazon Sidewalk on Your Connected Devices is a great feature. But because of some privacy issues, many want to switch it off. The feature is on by default in Echo and Ring devices. But you can follow the steps given here to switch it off.

  • To disable the Amazon Sidewalk you have to log on to the Alexa app.

  • Then go to More > Settings.

  • After that choose Account Settings where you will find Amazon Sidewalk.

  • Now switch it off.

  • But if you want to enable the Sidewalk again then the process is the same. You can click the ON option to switch it on.

How-to Turn off Amazon-SidewalkHow-to Turn off Amazon-Sidewalk

Therefore as per your convenience, you can switch ON or OFF the feature. It is a really simple process.

Benefits of Using Amazon Sidewalk

You can get many benefits if you use the Amazon Sidewalk. Here are the benefits for your information.

·  Track the devices

You can keep tabs on all your devices if you connect them with the Sidewalk. You will get track of their locations. Even if there are out of Wi-Fi connection you can use the Sidewalk-enabled tracker called the Tile.

·  Stay connected

If the Wi-Fi connection with the bridge devices is lost then the Amazon Sidewalk will get back the connection. It will reconnect again with the main router. That is why it is a very useful feature.

·  Takes care of privacy

Many people are criticizing Amazon devices for their lack of privacy. They are afraid that their privacy for example the shared data in the Sidewalk will not be protected. But the Sidewalk uses advanced security that will keep your personal information secure. Therefore you need not have any qualms about the matter.


The Amazon Sidewalk is a great feature for your Amazon devices. You can make effective use of your internet with these devices. Also, if you want to know more about this then you can have a look at the whitepaper released by Amazon. It addresses the security concerns of the Sidewalk.

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