How to Use Diskpart to Partition Your Hard Drive in Windows 10

Have you heard about the Diskpart? It is a community-line utility from Windows 10. It will help you to operate disk partition and you can utilize it to create, merge, extend, delete and more. Most importantly it is used for the disk partition. So here you can learn to partition your hard drive in Windows 10 using the Diskpart command. Further, the Diskpart program can delete or format the files so you have to be very careful when using this command. When you use the command wrongly then it can create a serious loss of data. All the important data on your PC can get lost. But when used properly Diskpart command will help you to manage all the files in your windows effectively. Here learn how to use Diskpart to partition your hard drive.

How to use Diskpart in windows 10?

You can use Diskpart in windows 10 by following the steps given here. You have to open the command prompt to get the Diskpart.

  • Firstly boot into your windows 10.

  • The press windows key and then C to get the charm bar.

  • After that type CMD.

  • Then click the command prompt.

  • After that click enter.

Sometimes you may not be able to boot into your windows 10 to use Diskpart. Here are the other options for you to follow if you experience this issue.

  • Utilize the original DVD or USB along with your Windows 10. It will repair your computer option.

  • Also, you can boot into your System Recovery Option using Shift and F8 keys.

  • You can use the Recovery Essentials to get the command line.

How to create Diskpart to partition your hard drive?

You can follow the steps below to make the disk partitions in Windows. Know how to use the Diskpart commands here.

  • You can launch the Diskpart utility.

  • Then run the Diskpart click Windows key + X. It will open the Power User menu and after that press Command Prompt (Admin).

  • After that enter Diskpart in the command prompt. If you are using the windows server then you have to run the Powershell.

  • List out the available devices using the command – list disk.

  • After that select the drive you would like to partition. Make use of the select disk command. In my setup, the disk number is 2 and it will have 2GB of space. Also, it will be unpartitioned.

  • Now you have to create a partition. This can be primary or logical and it will depend on the setup. So choose the option you prefer.

  • Then mention the specific size for the partition.

  • Next, you have to create a filesystem in the partition by formatting it. Then you can create a custom letter as well.

  • In the list disk, you will find the creation of partition and volumes.

  • By following the steps above you can easily use the Diskpart to partition your hard drive. Some of the steps in the above method can look complex. But you can try following the steps to accomplish it.

How to eliminate the disk partitions in Windows with Diskpart?

When you delete the disk partition by using the Diskpart then it is the same as creating it. But the only difference in the steps is you are deleting the partition instead of creating it. For instance, if you want to delete a logical partition follow the steps given here.

  • To wipe the entire disk choose the disk and then command clean. For example select disk 1 and clean.

  • Then you have to make use of the exit command to get out from the Diskpart command-line interface.

  • These are the methods you have to follow to delete the disks using the Diskpart command.

The list of objects in the Diskpart command

You can know about the number of the objects and list out the available objects by the commands in Diskpart and they are as follows.

  • list vdisk – This command will display all the virtual disks on your computer.

  • list disk – This will display all the disks on your computer.

  • list partition – It will help you display partitions on the disk in your computer.

  • list volume – This will display all the volumes on your computer.

After you run one of the lists commands you will find an asterisk (*) near the object containing focus.


These are the options you can follow to use the Diskpart to partition your hard drive. Therefore manage all your files well by benefiting from this command.

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