How to Use Nearby Feature to Share on a Chromebook

There is a Nearby Share feature in your Android phone that lets you share files in Chromebook. It is the same as the AirDrop by Apple. Nearby on Android is a great feature on your phone that helps you to share the files between devices without the need for Wi-Fi. Here you can learn about setting up the Nearby feature. This feature is available for the Chromebooks running with Chrome OS 89 and Android 6.0 and higher. This feature is already available on your device so you just have to set it up. Then you can use the Nearby feature to Share on a Chromebook. Therefore, know about all the steps about it here.

Setup the Nearby feature on Chromebook

First of all, you have to open the settings on the Chromebook. For finding it, press the clock on the taskbar of Chromebook. This is called the shelf.  It will get you the Quick settings panel. Choose the gear icon to open the settings. Then follow the below steps.

  • In the settings menu, you can go to the “Connected Devices” which will be available in the sidebar.

  • After that, you will see the feature present in your Chromebook. You will get the “Nearby Share” listed here.

  • Press “Set Up” for the process to begin.

  • Then give your device a name and press Next. The name is the one you and the other people will see when you start to share.

  • This is the step where you have to decide who can see you while sharing. You have to choose from three visibility preferences.

1.      All Contacts

This is the option where all of your contacts can see your device when you share through Nearby. You will be able to see the devices of the contacts if they are using Nearby.

2.     Some contacts

In this option, you can select the contacts and they only will be able to see your device. Also, you will be able to see their devices if they use the Nearby option.

3.     Hidden

No one will be able to see your device. But in this option, you can see the devices of others if they are using Nearby and if their visibility is not hidden.

  • Press confirms after selecting the visibility choice.

Now, these are the steps you have to follow to setup Nearby on your Chromebook. Then you can use Nearby on Android too.

Know how to use Nearby Share on Chromebook

The Nearby feature on Chromebook works in two ways. It can send as well as receive the files. First, we will see how you can Use the Nearby feature to Share on a Chromebook. You can do this by File Manager. Here are the steps you can follow

  • Use Nearby to send files.

  • Press the App Launcher icon which you can find in the bottom-left corner. Then open the Files app.

  • You have to find the files you want to share from this app. After that right-click on it.

  • Now choose share from Menu.

  • You will find “Nearby Share” in the option. So select it.

  • The Nearby devices will appear. Select the Android phone or Chromebook. Then click Next.

  • After you accept the receiving device the transferring process of the file will begin. Also, the file will get downloaded to your other device.

  • Use Nearby to receive files

  • Receiving the files in Chromebook is an easy process.

  • First, check whether your Chromebook is unlocked or not. Then only the other devices will be able to see it.

  • You will get a notification when the sender sends a file to you and that is “Receive” or “Decline.”

  • You have to click Receive option to get the files.

Follow these steps to Use the Nearby feature to Share on a Chromebook. It will make your sharing experience easier.

Conclusion These are the steps that will prove useful if you want to set up and use the Nearby feature on Chromebook.

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