How to Use a Rail Gun in Fortnite: Tips to Get an Elimination

Fortnite is a well-known online video game developed by Epic Games released in 2017. This game has become famous because of its story and characters. Many seasons and chapters of the game have released and have become a hit. Also, it is a cultural phenomenon. Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite is going on right now and the game has introduced Rail Gun for the first time. These are very powerful weapons that will help to eliminate the opponents with just a single shot. But the Rail Gun in Fortnite will work a little differently than the other games. Here you can have a look at the ways you can use the Rail Gun in Fortnite and also the tips to eliminate opponents with it.

What are the features of Rail Gun?

As a player while using the Rail Gun in Fortnite for the first time you can notice that it will not fire immediately. Most weapons in the game will fire when you just use them but the Rail Gun is different. This is because the weapon charges for a time when you hold the fire button. It will start to fire once it reaches the maximum charge or fires when you release the fire button. This is similar to the Charge Shotgun. But the Rail Gun is a long-range weapon that distinguishes it from the others.

How to use Rail Gun?

The best way to make use of the Rail Gun is to get acquainted with its charging time. Then you have to become skilled in shooting the opponent with a single strike. When you fire the gun with a full charge the power of the shot and the spread will increase. Then it will be easy for you to hit your opponent and cause more damage.

fortnite-rail-gun-trailer frizztechfortnite-rail-gun-trailer frizztech

If you shoot with these powerful guns even the walls and strong structures can get maximum damage. So, it will become possible for you to kill even the opponents who flee. When the charge bar to the left reaches the top then it means that the gun is fully charged. After that, the charge bar to the right reticle is the minimum charge time. The gun will only fire when at least this bar is partially filled.

How to get elimination with Rail Gun?

The simple way to get elimination with Rail Gun is by joining a Team Rumble match. Then wait for the Storm circle to close so all the opponents will be in one space. As the Rail Gun can fire through the walls you can hit some target. So, it is a great weapon to attack opponents even if they are hiding somewhere. If you fire an opponent with a full charge from the gun it will certainly kill them. Also, nobody can survive its maximum damage.


You can use a Rail Gun in Fortnite which is a very excellent weapon. This will help you to get elimination in the game.

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